Friday, August 22, 2008

We Have a Winner!! A NEW one! Ha!

Update: I'm an idiot! Oh wait, that's not an update, is it? Hee! Anyway, the wonderful Fabulous Fifi responded to my prize-winner notification email with a "Hunh?! I didn't enter any contest!!" So I clicked on the Fifi that posted on my blog, and it's Fifi FLOWERS! She paints fabulous fun paintings from photos! It's a case of mistaken identity, people! I had assumed it was the other Fifi, because I had forgotten there was another Fifi out there! What's that they say about never ASS U ME? *sigh* My apologies to BOTH Fifis. But Fifi Flowers, you will be receiving something really great from me as soon as I get your address! Count on it! And let that be a lesson to all you cheaters. You don't even have to ENTER my contests to win stuff! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!
See that up there? That's a screen shot of my It's a 16, and so, the winner is.....FIFI of Chez Fifi! Congratulations, Fifi. Thanks for playing! I'll be gathering some things together for you tomorrow. Now that I know who the winner is, I can tailor the gifting accordingly! I have JUST the thing for you! I'll post pics tomorrow. (P.S. Lest some of you start counting the posts, I eliminated all double-posts, 'cause y'all are the worst . cheaters. ever.)

As for the rest of you cheaters and non-cheaters, there are no losers here, because of course, you still have the extreme pleasure of visiting me here daily and hanging on my every word. Which I know is what makes your day go 'round. (God, I'm even making MYSELF barf a little...hee!)

Seriously, though, I've got so much stuff that I could give away, I may even choose a runner up tomorrow, after I get done digging for Fifi's stuff out in my unpacked-as-of-yet boxes in the garage. So keep tuning in! You never know! (Yeah, I know--it's bribery--but whatever. You're still here, aren't you?! See??)

Thank you ALL for playing. I appreciate the enthusistic comments, as always. ((((All y'all))))


Rose said...

Congratulations, Fifi!

Hey, now, technically, I wasn't cheating since I wasn't in the contest; I was just double posting cuz I like you, Sharon, even if you made me barf a little, too. Hee!

BTW: your Bubbles widget made me stay up waaaaay too late last night. And I'm going to click on it again ... right ... now ...!

dec0r8or said...

Tell me about it, Rose. I'm going to have to get rid of that widget soon, so I can get something DONE around here! LOL!

paintergal said...

Congrats to Fifi #2!

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