Monday, August 04, 2008

Cat on a Leash

OK, I'm askin' ya'....isn't this weird?
So, speaking of cats, we didn't go to IKEA on Saturday. What does this have to do with cats, you ask? Well, I've got two of them, and they are both a big PIMA. Every morning at around 4-ish, or 4:22, or 5:13, or whenever they feel the urge, they are outside my bedroom door scratching, pushing, meowing loudly...generally making a big nuisance of themselves. Well, usually I get up, feed them, pee, and go back to bed. Not that that usually stops them. They're back an hour later.

Friday night the shenanigans started at 1:30am, and Tess would NOT shut the heck up. At. All. I was SO tired, and SO annoyed, that finally at 5am, I put her in the basement and closed the door. Ahhhh...peace. But I still had only had about 3.5hrs of sleep. So, when Kathleen came down and knocked on my door at 8am with an expectant look on her face, I said "We're not going" and rolled over, pulling my covers over my head as I rolled. That night was also going to be Jonas Brothers concert night, and I needed SOME sleep, right?!
So Tuesday is IKEA day (because today is orthodontist day), and for the last two nights, I've put BOTH cats down in the basement with their food and their litter, and I've slept like a baby. Peace at last. And they seem no worse for it. Brats.


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Cat on a hot tin Roof...Cat Stevens...Cat O' nine tails

Don't ask. Ya just got me going.

Happy IKEA Tuesday!

Kat said...

LOL! I will have to show you my DDs bunny Bug on a leash. Now that looks odd!
Glad to hear you are are getting some much needed zzzzs.
Cant wait to hear about your trip to IKEA.

Rose said...

So funny seeing a cat on a leash - a bunny would be funny, too, Kat! (hey, that rhymed ... sorta.

Sleep is critical to a healthy body, so I'm glad you got some zzzzzs. How were the Jonas Brothers?

Amber said...

Sleep...perhaps the most precious commodity of all, eh?!?

Love all the pics of Kathleen, the critters and the lake houses!

gr82b0t402 said...

Have you seen the book "Walk Your Cat: The complete guide"?

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