Friday, August 01, 2008

Lake Houses

Kathleen's grandparents live in a lake community in Ohio about a half an hour outside of Columbus. I took some pictures from the boat over the course of our three day visit, and thought you might enjoy some of these houses as much as I did. Some of the landscaping was really great. There is some BIG money on this lake! This first picture below was taken from the deck on the back of the house. I didn't post a picture of their house for privacy reasons.

I couldn't resist this shot of Kathleen and the dog. That dog was SO good and SO cute the whole time we were there. They also had an adorable cat, Molly, whom Kathleen took out on a leash a couple of times. Now THAT was funny. Who ever heard of a cat on a leash?

Of course I have to share more pics of my kid--she's too photogenic NOT to post them.
Tomorrow morning we're heading down to Elizabeth, NJ to pick up my cabinet and door fronts from IKEA. Then tomorrow night, we're going to see the Jonas Brothers at Saratoga Performing Arts Center. Whoo hoo! LOL. Oy, the things we do for our kids. :-P


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Aww...welcome home Sharona!! Lovely homes, lovlier daughter!

Grab some lingonberry jam and meatballs while there!!

karen said...

Have fun a the concert ... you may want to sneak some ear plugs ;) they can get a bit whiny at times, but don't tell your daughter I said that.

Can't wait to see the kitchen progress.

Rose said...

Loved those pics of the lake houses! What great outdoor spaces to enjoy! We have a Newport Harbor tour out here that's similar; one of the homes is John and Pilar Wayne's. So cute, the photo of miss K and the dog both looking back of the boat. Take a million pics of that beautiful girl of yours!

Enjoy the concert!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I'm trying out the new toy...I feel very heavy handed.

I love all the great photos, especially those of your sweet girl.

There is an A-Frame across from us at the lake...the one in your photos is similar. We missed the buy of a lifetime this winter. Two lake lots, next to us, sold, on the courthouse steps, for $5000.00 each!! We're keeping our eyes open after that one since lake front property goes for 75,000 and up!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

um...are those big huge FAKE coconut trees at that million dollar home??

Greg said...

Oh, isn't it nice to see how the other half lives? They all look like pretty great must've had fun!

Hey, I've been thinking about a cat on a leash's becoming very popular...but I know it'll be twice as much walking for me as I know the cat and dog will never take to going at the same time.

dec0r8or said...

Um, Linda, not ALL of us live in a tropical paradise down in Florida, where the palm trees grow au naturale! The whole "tiki" theme at that place cracked me up...the thatched "roof" and the tiki bar...too funny.

Hey Greg, it seems like I'm related to the "other half" if only that money would somehow filter down to ME! Ha! Try the cat on a leash. Let me know how you make out. :P

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