Monday, August 17, 2009

Summertiiiiime....and the Livin' is Eeeeaaaaasy

It's tough being a blogger at this time of year! I've been a busy girl, and haven't felt much like being on my computer. I'm trying to take advantage of all the NON-rainy days, which, here in NY, have been few and far between! It feels like summer just started last week.

The photo above is of my aunt and uncle's house on the Hudson River. They had a lovely dinner party there a few weeks ago, because all of their kids were home from their various homes up and down the east coast. It was great to see everyone, and of course, great to hang out at the river house. Below is the path out to "the point." I headed down there with my camera to get a pic of the moon rising that night.
Pretty, right? :) ...speaking of lovely daughter and her cousins were together at my house for the first time in almost two years. When Kathleen and I went down to Florida in February, the girls were in school, and we didn't get to see them.
My father and his granddaughters. I love this shot:
These were taken as the sun was setting, and skimming the tops of the hay field during the party I had at my house. It was great to see my sister and her family from Florida. We had a fun time. My aunts and uncles came too. I think there were 16 of us all together.

In other big news, I quit my day job at the fabric store I was working at for the last 2.5 yrs. Things were just NOT working out there. It's too bad--such potential, and no follow-through. C'est la vie. I'm moving on. I've printed new business cards (the round ones below--I've laminated them and cut them out with a scalloped hole punch. FUN!),
...and I've put this ad in the local newspaper for the next four weeks (to see how it goes). I've got a few nice sized jobs going, and I'm feeling good about my decision to forge ahead on my own again. I feel like I was spending WAY too much mental energy on the fabric store, and not nearly enough energy thinking about my future. So here it is--my future--just waiting for me! I'm feeling psyched and my head is in a really good place.
I know I promised some pics of my completed home projects--you know--the ones I completed just hours before my sister's arrival?! I'll get right on that, so you'll have a reason to come back, right? I've got a mini bathroom-redo, and some kitchen shelving to show you! Kathleen and I have decided that the next room we're going to tackle is the dining room/music room/library. That room needs some serious attention, and I'd love to get it looking lovely for the coming holidays. Thanksgiving and Xmas are going to be here before we know it!!
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