Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Chevron Stairs Makeover

I haven't posted in forever, but I just completed this project last night, and it came out so great, I thought I'd share!  Here are what my stairs looked like yesterday afternoon, before I got started.  I had last painted the risers four years ago before I moved in, and obviously, I haven't been a good girl about cleaning them and/or repainting them to keep them fresh.

Well, that has all changed!  I got a wild hair yesterday, and decided to go for it!
First, I did a base coat of white.

Then I used a triangle cut out of card stock to mark my lines.  I had viewed a tutorial on You Tube from Home Depot, I think it was, to give me the idea of how to go about it.  I wasn't exactly precise about the whole thing, but hey, it's an older just adds to the charm, right?!

So after taping everything off, I painted over it with the black paint (same color as my treads, which I also touched up a bit as I went.)  I let the paint dry most of the way, and then, since I couldn't stand the suspense, I ripped it off last night.  

This morning I went over the whole thing with a small artist's brush and touched up all the white, where the black had bled through the tape.  If I were to do it again, I would not do this project at 11pm.  I'd wait until I was fresh, and a little more diligent about the details.  Overall, though, I'm super happy, and I'm thinking I might have to do this treatment to one of my dressers next.  It's amazing the transformation a little paint can make!

Have a happy weekend!

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