Monday, February 23, 2009

The Many Faces of a Teenager

I told Kathleen I was going to post these, because I thought they were all hilarious.  I remember the days, not so long ago, that she was more than willing to let me snap a picture of her.  Now I get "Ugh!  Mom!  Stop!"  lol.  

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sharon Needs....

I've heard that the internet knows what I need.  I heard this from Diane and Diane's Addled Ramblings (my latest daily haunt--probably because she reminds me of ME.)

This is the deal.  You type your name into Google, followed by the word "needs" and prepare to be amazed at the sheer genius of the internet.  Here are my results, in no particular order (and corrected for spelling and grammar--sorry--I just can't help mysef!):

  1. Sharon needs to do something simple that would have a profound meaning worldwide.  (wouldn't that be good?!)
  2. Sharon needs to pee. ( How do they KNOW that?!!)
  3. Sharon needs a new word. (um. yeah.)
  4. Sharon needs to be told to stop shooting and start talking. (Damn!)
  5. Sharon needs to stop being Nick's doormat.  (Nick?  I don't know any Nick...and I'm certainly NOT a doormat!)
  6. Sharon needs to shut her fu*%king mouth. (ha!)
  7. Sharon needs a swimming suit on Yahoo. (apparently Google isn't aware that I just RETURNED from Florida.)
  8. Sharon needs a hand.
  9. Sharon needs a female friend. (ANOTHER one?  Well, I guess you can never have too many friends, right?)
  10. Sharon needs to do the right thing and turn him in! (Hmmm..this could go so many ways...has anyone seen my ex? lol)
  11. Sharon needs to keep in touch with the people who really matter.  
  12. Sharon needs help.  (Ain't THAT the truth!)
  13. Sharon needs to get herself a backbone and learn how to stand up to people.  (Ummm....OK...I'm such a shrinking violet.)
  14. Sharon needs a new hairstyle and up-to-date clothes.
  15. Sharon needs to be herself for a while.
  16. Sharon needs it.  (Hee!  Seriously?!)
  17. Sharon needs a hobby! (LOL!  I'm the queen of hobbies!)
  18. Sharon needs a driver and assistant.  (Wow!  Sounds good!)
  19. Sharon needs to get a life.  (Hey!)
  20. Sharon needs to buck up and just be a mom for ONCE.  ('s all I DO!)
  21. Sharon needs an excuse to organize and execute another bloodbath. (Don't worry...I'm not a psychopath--really!)
  22. Sharon needs to back off on the medication. (Hey, meds might actually be a fun diversion for me!)
  23. Sharon needs charm school.  (OMG! LOL!)
  24. Sharon needs to get her head out of her ass.  (Are these great, or what?!)
  25. Sharon needs email. (That's right, people!  That means YOU need to comment on my blog instead of lurking!!  Come on, now!  I promise I won't invite you to the bloodbath!  Hee!)
The list could go on and on, but I'm stopping at 25.  I think there's enough there to chew on, don't you?  

Sunday, February 15, 2009

St. Augustine

Yeah, we're just having a tiny bit of fun down here in the land of sun and sea....

Monday, February 09, 2009

Hand Painted Chandelier

I just wanted to add this one because I liked the look these two were giving each other. They're cousins who act like's pretty cool. It's fun to watch them grow and interact with each other.

Sorry the pics aren't better...but you get the idea. I bought a second-hand brass chandelier from my favorite local flea market, and painted it for my niece Madeline's 11th birthday. The room it's going in has bright apple-green walls, and she's standing on a new rug for the room, too. I think it's going to be cute!

I've been sick with a head cold, and haven't felt much like blogging. I'm headed to Florida tomorrow morning with Kathleen, so don't expect many (if any) posts from me while I'm gone. I'm going to soak up as much sunshine as I possibly can. My body is screaming for a dose of Vitamin D! I'll catch y'all on the back side!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Superbowl Crafts

This little needle felted chick was my inspiration. I just photographed him ( i didn't make him!)"for the other day, and I decided I wanted to do some of my own needle felting while I watched the game: I made a "chocolate" bunny!

Isn't he precious?
..and then I decided to try my hand at the Decadent Fibers basket of eggs....but I didn't have the kit or the I just winged it. It came out OK, but Pat's is much better:

This is a bunch of wool balls that Kathleen rolled for Pat. It's Kathleen's day job...and the bonus is we get to grab a roll each of the colors we want!

Kathleen's working on a's supposed to be her cat Puff. I think he is coming out SO cute. Sometimes that kid's creativity amazes me.

If you want a chick kit, go to! They are SO cute, and fun to do! Kathleen and I are talking about having a felting party in March, after we get settled back in after our Florida trip.

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