About Me

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! 

I'm a self-employed single mother of one fabulous daughter, and we live in a cute little cape in Upstate New York. I bought the house in April 2008, and I am trying to chronicle some of the renovations here on my blog, as well as ruminate about random other stuff, like full moons, teen angst, television snark, photography and fabric. (Sorry, I'm an addict.) 

I'm an interior decorator by profession, and couldn't ask for a better job.  I can work in my jammies if I want to, and I'm my own boss.  I also love to make people's homes lovely!  If you'd like to check out some of my work, please visit my website:  www.interiorimage.com

I love to tap my creative juices, including: painting, drawing, web site design, photography, playing the flute, gardening and other assorted crafts. I love to create!  I've been on a Photoshop Elements kick lately, and have also recently aquired Adobe Lightroom 2.0, and I'm really enjoying the challenge of new ways to post process my photos.  I find that I'm out and about a lot more often with my camera in tow, looking for interesting things to photograph so I can play with the pictures in PSE and LR.

I also love to hear myself talk, so this blog is a perfect outlet for me! ;) I love to hear OTHER people talk too, so if you've stopped by and find something interesting and/or amusing, I'd love to hear from you. PLEASE leave a comment!

If you'd like to email me directly, you may do so at smaskew@yahoo.com.


Felicity said...

Hi Sharon,
I stumbled upon the blogging world last month and las t week decided to start my own blog. I have always loved the notion of serendipity and I thought it an apt title for my blog as the whole process for me has been totally serendipitous. Finding you via the 'small space style' website is another perfect example of this. Fancy two like-minded people living on opposite sides of the world and coming in this way.
I must say that I LOVE your banner, the colours you have chosen are my favourites and you have created a great blog. Anyhoo, just had to say hi and will follow your blogs with interest. Felicity

Country Contemporary said...

Hey, Sharon! Got your message about deleting my email and I looked for your email on your blog but I'm not finding it (?) to send another email message other than to post a comment here. Hmmm. Let me resend my original email to your other .com address and we can go from there. (Just a bit leery of posting my email online.) BTW, stopped at the sale at Classic Country yesterday (July 4) - some very neat stuff! (Passed on the free shortcake, though...!)

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