Saturday, September 25, 2010

Is Summer REALLY over? :(

Here I am, slacker blogger extraordinaire, back with more gratuitous pics of Kathleen and my niece Madeline on Cape Cod. Since I last wrote, school has begun amidst a flurry of course changes and first-week activities, and I've just been trying to adjust to the fact that real life has actually begun again, and I am no longer on vacation! It's time to make the doughnuts! :)
I took the kids to Race Point Beach in Provincetown for a sunset photo shoot, and I think I got some winners! These kids make great models! Be sure to click to enlarge the pics--they look much better bigger!
I know the jumping could get old, but it makes for a good picture, doesn't it?
...balancing on the log, trying to look natural....
...and then losing their balance...
*sigh* my girl.
They look like sisters, don't they?

I loved this shot. The colors were amazing:
This one was ok, but the sky was kind of boring, so I layered it up in Photoshop, and this is
what I came up with:
I'm hurting for reading material now. I read "Mockingjay" on my sister's Kindle after Kathleen finished it. I'm thinking I may need one of those Kindles! God, I am such a sucker for cool technology, and that Kindle is COOL! I've hit a lull in the reading, though, so I just added a bunch of Amazon's top ten for the month to my library requests. We'll see if any of them are any good. I'm hurtin' for a good read.

I had my 26th high school reunion last weekend. What a riot that was! We had a pretty good turnout--107 people out of a class of about 200, and only a few of them were spouses! It was great to see people I haven't seen since we graduated, and some since our 10-year reunion. It was also quite interesting to find out that a BUNCH of people are local and I NEVER see them around town! What's up with that? I suppose it's because the only place you would actually SEE anyone in my small town is if you happen to catch them at the town hub: Stewart's. LOL. This place needs a pub. For real. Oh well. I've got a lot more Facebook buddies now, and hopefully we can expand the circle for the next reunion five years from now. I'm thinking we'll have to make it a weekend event, so that we have more time to visit with each other. I figured out that I only had about 3 minutes to spend with each person last Saturday. And I KNOW I didn't get to talk to everybody! *Sigh*

P.S. Has it REALLY been 26 years since I graduated? How is that possible?

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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Cape Cod 2010

Fun! We're headed to Provincetown later today to check out Race Point Beach, and we'll be making a pit stop in Truro at the Atlantic Spice Company to pick up some spicy goodness!

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