Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Have You Seen It?!

I'm talking about the new Restoration Hardware catalog. I'd just like to say ****droooool****
Aren't these steel beds and the zinc dresser fantastic?!

...and we all know I'm a sucker for a linen slipcover.
This desk is hilarious, and really tickled my fancy. I'd love to know who is buying it, and where they're putting it. My brother-in-law has a plane, but I don't think he'd put this desk in his house, no matter how cool it is:
This couch reminds me of MY couch, so of course now I want to own that awesome coffee table...
This is sleek and lovely:
The whole catalog has this time-worn washed out wood theme going on, that I'm really loving.
I think I may have posted this pic before. I love a winged bed!
This desk appealed to me right away, and then I looked at the description, and it's a copy of a garment table--I'm assuming one that used to have a sewing machine on it? See? It was meant to be! I love that mirror above the desk too.
Tuft me, baby!

LOVE this table, and would love to have a party around it:
Some day I'm going to find me one of these pharmacist cabinets at an antique store, and I'm going to strip it, and it's going to look just like this:
(hey, a girl can dream...)
This mirror: *swoon* again:
Oh how I wish I could pull off this look in my house. I just always gravitate to color, though. I can't help myself. Color makes me happy! Maybe I'll save this look for my beach house:
(like i said...a girl can dream, right?!)
More tables waiting for me to host dinner parties:

...and last but not least, a closer look at the zinc night stand. I love zinc. I once saw a zinc bathtub at an antique store in Hudson, NY, and fell in love:
Go to RestorationHardware.com to see more of this deliciousness. I'm only like 10 pages into the catalog, and this is how excited I got! :) (Oh, to have millions of dollars to blow....)

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