Sunday, May 24, 2009

Campo de Fiori

My friend Kelly and I took a drive out to Campo de Fiori in Sheffield, Massachusettes yesterday to enjoy their tent sale and gardens. It was great! Please excuse the quality of the photos. I forgot to bring my camera, and I took these with my phone.

I loved the planted logs! I actually have one that I plan on
digging out and using it this way!
I was inspired!

This was such a sweet mini-garden:

I am also DYING to have a trough garden. I'm thinking some Quickcrete is in my future...
Hello Clematis! Can you believe this thing?!
More hollowed out log pics:

And how cool is this orb? I showed it to BF. My plan is to have him make a couple of these for me. They had HUGE ones in the gardens at Campo de Fiori. Gorgeous!

Tiny LOVE!
I bought an elephant ear plant, and some GORGEOUS planters while we were there. I'll have to post pics of those for you as soon as I get them planted. :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

My $5 Table

Can you believe I only paid $5 for that table? It belonged to my neighbor's mother, and is not in the greatest shape, but I'm all about shabby! When I bought it I thought I might paint it, but now that I see it in situ, I don't think I'll bother. I LOVE the lines of it, and it fits perfectly right in the front window, holding one of Kathleen's many bunches of flowers from Mulan.
That glass "submarine" vase is from Roost, and was an early birthday present from my father. I love it! Don't the roses look great? Oh, and the aqua colored ceramic vase behind it was $2 at a garage sale last week. Did I luck out or what?! I know!!
I just had some fun with closups...bear with me, will you? :)

You can click on them to enlarge, and get a much nicer effect.

Do you know I had never seen the stamen(s) of a carnation before until I looked at this photo in its large format? So cool! And I used to think carnations were boring! Look how lovely this celery green one is. I especially love that color...may have to use it somewhere in my house now!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Kid the STAR!

I don't even know what to say, other than I couldn't be more proud of my awesome girl!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Slipcovers DONE and Barn Sale Finds!

OK, so I haven't hemmed the sofa yet--it still needs a little tweaking. But I serged it! And I hemmed the ottoman, so THAT is completely done! I'm LOVING the transformation. It's like a breath of fresh air. (Of course, it helps that the windows are open....)
I had BF bring the mirror in from the garage, to reflect the other windows in the room. It's working! It's a little brighter in here!
Oops! This isn't a slipcover OR a barn sale find...I just caught the two of them cuddling this morning, and couldn't resist snapping a pic. As usual, BF wouldn't look at the camera. (Incognito, all the way!)
Not too shabby, eh?!:
I had Kathleen bring these creamy drapes in from the barn--they were left from a showhouse I did a few years ago. I took down the red silk striped ones, and put these up for the summer--LOVE it--so bright in here now!
Here's a shot where you can see that the red chair sticks out like a sore thumb now. I have some black linen that I've had for a few years--it's a heavier weave than the sofa--and I'm considering slipcovering it in that. Oh, and the paintings on either side of the mirror are going. I'm going to hang carved wood sconces there instead. I'll get right on that.... :P

See my cute little chair? $12 at a barn sale today! It needs to be reupholstered, but I threw a linen runner over it and plopped it on the porch for now. I love the lines of this chair.
I'm a chair ho. Seriously. I love chairs.
I got this cute little beat up tool box for $1! (Rhoda will be so proud!) I filled it with my leftover pansies from the six-packs I bought last week, et voila! Ain't it cute?! Oh, and I bought the wood pedestal for $8--a little much, but I needed SOMEthing to put the toolbox on, right?
Ba-deep Ba-deep, ba-deep, that's all folks! (Actually, it's not. I'll have more of my bargains to show you soon! I made out like a bandit today!) Oh, and Kathleen is a freaking STAR, let me tell ya! I saw her play last night, and the kid is amazing. Did I say she's amazing? 'Cause seriously. The girl can SING. AND act!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Garden and Bedroom

Ugh...sometimes Blogger makes me nuts. This pic is supposed to be at the end. ANYway....tell me what you think of my new vignette! BF looked at it and laughed. I think he thinks tools are supposed to be USED or something. Whetever. I bought them for a sum total of $5 at a garage sale, JUST so I could hang 'em up. I could use them if I REALLY wanted to. Which I don't. Because that would mean I'd be digging holes and shoveling gravel and whatnot, which I don't feel like doing right now. So there.

...well, I couldn't resist the kitties on my bed...

Do you think he's looking out at my shed garden? I do!!

There's a spot on the top right, waiting for another vintage floral print or painting!

My lilacs smell SooooooOOO good.

You can catch a glimpse of the hideous dropped ceiling here.....wonder how many years it'll take me to get rid of THAT? eh. whatEV.

I took this pic more for my benefit than yours. I have formulated a plan for a cottage garden out front here. I've got the picket fence (salvaged from a client's home), and I want to box in the yard at the top edge of the hill, creating a sort of courtyard look. I'll sketch something up in Photoshop when I get some time. I think it'll look amazing, though.

I love my poppies.

ahhhh.....and next year, I'm going to plant a TON more tulips. I want to be able to cut them. I didn't cut ANY this year because they all looked so good in the gardens. They're just starting to fade after a nice long stay.

Caught 'im--Mr. Bumblebee! It only took three tries! :) I saw a hummingbird out there yesterday. I'll have to try to catch HIM one of these days.

And lest any of you ( get worried that I'm never going to finish my slipcovers, have no fear! I'm almost done! In fact, I think I'll go finish them NOW!
P.S. The ex is in town--came up with his girlfriend and his mother to see Kathleen starring in Mulan Jr. this week at school. So....the house is clean! :P (I never should have given him my blog address...I can't be snarky! Dammit!)

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