Sunday, May 03, 2009

Blue and Brown

This is one of my client's homes. I helped pick out everything from paint colors to furniture, and made all of the draperies, cushions, and pillows. So far, so good! We're still looking for rugs...they picked the one in the LR...NOT what I would have picked...but hey, I can't have my hand in EVERYthing, can I? These people DO have minds of their own! (Hence, the wicker coffee hey, they already had that--she's thinking about changing it.)

These clients are retirees. The one thing that really makes me wonder about people like this is...WHERE is all their STUFF? Why don't they have know--collected over the years...collected from travels....books? I just don't get it how people in their 60's don't have ANY artifacts from their lives. It baffles me. Truly. Maybe it's just because I come from a long line of packrats? But honestly, these types of clients are the most difficult to work with, because there's NO foundation--it's all just pulled from thin air. It's disconcerting to me. Thoughts?


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Hey Sharona!

Nice work!

Maybe they had so much stuff they decided to simplify and get rid of everything they had been lugging around. Maybe they gave it all to their kids, and were looking forward to a whole new vibe using a fancy pants decorator (that's you, girl!)....I dunno...just guessing?

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Sharon, thanks for stopping by. and yes, I'm really excited about the granite. Can't wait to get rid of my old yucky tile with the stained grout.

Oh, your client's home is beautiful, love that sofa. You do such a nice job with WT's, those are great too. And yes, I would find that hard to believe too that they don't have "stuff". I've got WAY too much of it so how can that be? and yes, I've been out yardsaling this weekend, found a few goodies. I do have to pass up a lot since I'm FULL to the brim and have to start getting rid of stuff to make room for better stuff. :)

Donna Hargrove said...

Love the blue/brown combination - check out the carpet from MacDonald's Rugs and Carpets in Design-Ties latest post - it would fit perfectly - too bad your client's didn't see that one first!

I know all about "stuff" - being an owner of ALOT of it! I dream of being just like your clients one day - well, everyone can have a dream can't they? ;)

Love the window treatments! ;D

suzette said...

I love your work, Sharon. Maybe the stuff is in their 'other' house? ;-)

Linda/"Mom" said...

* Hi! I'm in agreement w/ Linda (at "LITC")~~~ Downsizing is not only "good for the soul", but can also rejuvinate a couple's "forward thinking" as they get older (don't want things to get "STALE", ya know, & they can always re-visit their very "special things" at the homes of their children!!!).

I'm ALWAYS good at S*A*Y*I*N*G I would LIKE to downsize, but then I find something just "too FAB", it comes home w/ me, & "there goes the neighborhood", so to speak!

(Note: I AM rather "worried" for you, tho~~~ what if your clients read this??? Eeks!)~~~

Linda in AZ *

Rose - The Center of My Self said...

It's just amazing to me that you made all the draperies, cushions and pillows. So gorgeous! My fave is the pillow on the polka dotted chair; great fabric! Love the fabric on the chair, too. The way you've done the WTs on the palladian window; the strong horizontal contrasts with and thus plays up the curves of the arched window above beautifully.

Very lovely home, Sharon!

Rose - The Center of My Self said...

BTW, I hope to someday be able to get rid of my "stuff;" it weighs me down but we can't have garage sales here and posting on Craigslist or Freecycle is risky for a single woman living alone.

Anonymous said...

Nice looking Nursing Home.

dec0r8or said...

OK OK! I guess you're all right. Why can't I see the big picture all the time? I guess I look at the world through my eyes only instead of putting myself in other people's shoes and I can't see past all my OWN crap and see that other people just don't live the way I do! My crap weighs me down, and I hope that at the age of 65, I'll have learned to whittle it down a bit so I can enjoy my golden years unfettered by "STUFF."

And to "Anonymous": Always the comedian, eh? :P

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