Monday, August 25, 2008

Teen Room Challenge--COMPLETE!

Thank you, Sandra, at Canyon Wren Cottage, for giving us this challenge. I had a lot of fun with it, and spent WAY too much time cyber-shopping for it. So let's not do it again sometime soon, ok? Hee!

Here's an overview, put together in the awesome Picasa.

First, the inspiration for the room: an Amy Butler fabric at $14.98 per yard from I'm assuming two windows, at 2 yds each for London Shades = 59.92, plus one yd for a sham and throw pillow on bed : $14.98

The big ticket item is the circle cutout bed from West Elm coming in at a big $429, which I would most certainly like to try cutting out of half inch birch ply myself, and attaching it to an existing twin bedframe. How difficult could it be? Hmm. And the price would be considerably lower, then, for about two sheets of plywood and some black paint (which I already have a gallon of, leftover from painting the stairs): $60 for wood

The painted floor cloth is perfect, and perfectly priced at $65 for a 28" x 6' rug. Too much taping and measuring involved for me to tackle that one on my own, although I know I could do it--just don't want to! It's from Ebay, and she'll make any size and color you want!

The IKEA Hemnes bedside table comes in at $129, which I'm thinking I could, of course, make myself out of one sheet of 1/2" birch plywood for about $29. But I'll go with the IKEA version, since them's the rules.

LewasDesigns at Etsy's Dandelion in the Wind wall decal set is a bargain at $60. My even bigger bargain alternative: paint that puppy on the wall myself! Cost: about $2.00 for craft paint

Every teen must have a desk, and storage, so I've chosen the Expedit desk in brown/black, with the Expedit shelving unit to go with it. The grand total for those two items is $209. Make it myself? What, are you nuts? You can't beat $209 for all that! And finally, the Forsytia bedspread from IKEA for the bed, in the green colorway, as a base for the Amy Butler fabric that I would make into a sham and throw pillow. Bedspread: $29.99

(not including tax and shipping, because it was too much trouble to figure that all out. I'll let the extra $200 Sandra gave us cover it. Deal?)


What I didn't include in this design tally was my paint for the walls. My palette (made it myself at Colour would be grabbed from the Amy Butler fabric, and I'd paint three of the walls the yummy green, and one wall a paler version of the turquiose. I'd put the dandelion decal (in white) on the blue wall, I think. Not sure.

Ok, now, since the proceeds from this dalmation painting go to a no-kill animal shelter, can't we call it a taxable deduction donation and not include it in the $1000 budget? Whatever. I'm buying it anyway for this imaginary room. As of right now, it's $50 on Ebay.

I also needed lighting, which didn't fit into the budget either. I figure, hey, if I make either that bed, or the table, or paint that dandelion-thing, I'd have plenty of money for lights, so here's what I'd get if I did that: This modern chrome light from eBay, for $59--it looks kind of like a dandelion, right?! Too much? Eh. I like it.

And then, since it's a teen room, and I'm always looking to repeat a "theme" if you will, I choose this floor lamp from Pier 1, because it picks up the circles in the bed, and the price wasn't bad at $125.

This pillow would be perfect on the bed with the Amy Butler sham. $30 from Pier 1.

I loved the mobile I had as a kid in my room. Just watching it slowly move would help me get to sleep at night. This one is from Denmark, and can be purchased for $56 from the Museum Store Company.

Finally, I would buy this Calder calendar for $14.95 from the Museum Store, and frame the artwork in simple black frames, and hang them in a grid on one of the walls.

Additional accessories: assorted clothes heaped on floor from daily try-ons and take-offs. :-/ (Hey, I'm just speaking from experience here), and a little cat hair for texture. ;)

Total cost of extras (because there really always needs to be wiggle room in a budget): $340
That's all, folks! I'll add live links if you want them. I'm BEAT!


paintergal said...

I love this room! You wanna be my mom? HA!

sandra/tx said...

I love the room, Sharon. Love the colors, the designs -- everything. Cool about the floorcloth lady. I might have to check that out myself.

Too funny about the clothes pile. I hear ya, sistah!

dec0r8or said...

OK, Carol. I'll adopt you! LOL!

Thanks, Sandra. It really was a lot of fun. And even though I went over budget, I think it's more fun to work with one. It forces us to be more clever, don't you think?

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Cute, Sharon! I'm worn out just reading all of this. I can imagine how much time it must have taken you to put it all together. Very cute though! I went out of town so decided not to try this one, but it is a fun competition. I might have to try something like this on my blog sometime.

Thanks for taking a peek at my veggies! I cooked beans and peas all day today, LOL.

Is that font on your posts a default font or did you add it? I don't remember seeing that on the list. I like it!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Oh, and that Ikea round table was my favorite thing in the whole store when I visited for the first time in June. Loved that thing...and all the colors!


dec0r8or said...

So what are you getting at, Rhoda? You sayin' I'm long-winded?! lol. I had to explain everything, didn't I? :P

The font is Papyrus and I added it myself in the HTML. It's my favorite font ever. I use it for everything! I even used it on the website. The only problem is, it's small. And the next bigger size is too big. But I figure, if y'all need glasses, you'll wear 'em! Ha! THanks for stopping in!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Ooooooh..simply lovely. And WELL worth the wait, I might add ;~P

That pup painting...It's killing me! GREAT addition!!

Whole thing is smashing, I tell Ya!

It was a fun challenge, no?

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Ooooooh..simply lovely. And WELL worth the wait, I might add ;~P

That pup painting...It's killing me! GREAT addition!!

Whole thing is smashing, I tell Ya!

It was a fun challenge, no?

maitlandmommy said...

girlfriend - you are SO hired to redo my new old house if this one EVER sells. I love it - very hip and something my 16 yo sd2be would absolutely love. PERFECT.

dec0r8or said...

Oh, you can hire me if we work it for around I could use a nice trip to Florida right around then! :) I'm glad you liked it!

restyled home said...

WHat a great post! I wish I could see it in its completed state!!

Hmmm, now you have me wondering where I could paint a dandelion...
Thanks for the inspiration!!


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

This looks fabulous!

I checked my comments just as we were about to leave for the lake. So happy I saw yours and clicked over here! I'm taking the laptop and hope to do some catching up, if I can figure out all the wireless, new fangled way of doing things!

Again...great room!!

Kat said...

COOL!!! Come do my room! Wiggle room...yeah I need some of that.

Greg said...

The dandelion wall looks SO cool. I may have to try that...but wow, that lamp...that's f*cking amazing. Need one!

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