Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crazy Town

I'll tell you about Crazy Town in a minute. But first, look at the pillows I made today! I just loved this fabric and had to have it. I bought three quarters of a yard at a designer fabric outlet in Kinderhook, NY about a month ago for $35. It's a heavyweight tapestry, and I considered making a small rug out of it for my bathroom (for about a minute) before I decided to make pillows instead. I LOVE 'em!
I put a yummy green velvet on the back, that I bought at the same place.

OK, so below is what my friend Kelly is referring to as "Crazy Town." She just "doesn't get" why I want to use raspberry red with my blue walls in my kitchen. What's to get? I think it's cool! Opinions, anyone out there? Am I crazy? I want to paint my built-in a raspberry red too. Seriously, tell me if you think I'm nutso.

I love this toile so much I can hardly stand it. It's my favorite fabric at Bolt, and has been since we opened. I can't believe someone hasn't snatched it up by now! Maybe it's just me!
And as promised, my awesome stainless bar cart, bought for $35 at a garage sale the other day.
Party on, Garth!
The bottom is actually perfectly fine stainless...that debris you see there is from the rain pelting all over it last night.
And last but most certainly not least, my too-cool-for-school faux bamboo chairs, picked up at a nearby flea market on Sunday. Guess how much I paid? You won't believe it when I tell you! I got four of them, and I'm painting them red, and puttin' 'em in my kitchen. CRAZY town!
Oh, P.S., they came with seats, if that factors into your monetary calculations. I just took them off to paint.
Tomorrow we're headed to Six Flags Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom. Funny-fun-fun! I may bring my camera to get pics of Kathleen on crazy roller coasters. Scary!


Kat said...

Its a good thing you dont live next door...cause Id steal those pillows. GORGEOUS....bathroom rug you say...Im glad you came to your senses.
Rasberry Red? Like purple red or pink red? Were talkin about a dark color here right? You should know I cant make a decision without splotching. So give me a splotch...
and I will tell you if youre crazy.

Pretty fabric...it will look much better when youve created something wonderful with it. Is it on the markdown table yet?

Great deal on the stainless cart!
The chairs are to cute! Do they have upholstered seats? What color are you painting them?

I love rollercoasters!

Diane said...

Love the pillows and can see why you couldn't resist the fabric. As to Raspberry Red? I know that you have the perfect eye for such things, so I know it will be fabulocity plus. With the pale blue and white the touches of black and red will bring your personality to the forefront. Love the bar cart, and the chairs are a great find.

Let's see . . . my price guess on them? Hmmm . . . four chairs? You're uber excited about the deal you got? I'll guess $5 for the set. $10 tops? Do I win? What do I win? Oh, wait, it's not a contest, is it? Heee!

Amber said...

Sharon, those pillows are amazing! And I love the shot of them "in situ". The cart, well, it is perhaps the resale gem of the century! OMG!

As for the color combo with the toile. A lot of folks could not pull that off. But I'm seeing it with your white cabs, the stainless cart, and adjacent to those bamboo chairs...and I'm thinking it's going to be just the shot of "unexpected" that the space needs.

I've always told you that your style reminds me of a blend between Sister Parish and Sheila Bridges. So...don't ask us what we think, just ask:

WWSD? ("What would Sister/Sheila do?") :-)

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

You lucky duck, you!

First off...those CHAIRS! Swoon, and yes on the raspberry red color! I'm guessing 20 bucks for the lot.

Fabric with the paint color...perfect!! Rasp. Red on the built in...could be smashing, but i need to go see a pic. How close are they to the chairs? Would you consider painting the inside the RedRasp and the Outside white? Or is that too country/tame for you?

Lovely pillows on your adorable homeade bench!!

Crazy?? Pishaw!!

Rose said...

You post "Party on, Garth!" and then you ask if you're nutso? LOL! Only the Very Best kind of nutso in my book. :-) Love the combo with the raspberry red. A bunch of girls from Passions came out to California and we toured a model home that used aqua with a deep pink and it was stunning, so I've been adding bits of it in my living space.

What a great pattern on your new pillows!

I ditto Kat's remark: I LOVE ROLLERCOASTERS! When we had our earthquake a couple of weeks ago, I threw my hands in the air and said "wheeeee!" just as if I was on a rollercoaster. Hope you're having fun!

Kat said...

Rose...I had forgotten all about that house. That was a smashing color combo!!

I think PG used a color called rasberry ice on the inside of her built ins with great success. I guess I dont need a splotch after all. I have a visual in my head now.

I had to sneak back for another look at those pillows!

Kat said...

Rose...I had forgotten all about that house. That was a smashing color combo!!

I think PG used a color called rasberry ice on the inside of her built ins with great success. I guess I dont need a splotch after all. I have a visual in my head now.

I had to sneak back for another look at those pillows!

please sir said...

Such lovely creations! Love that chair too!

please sir said...

Such lovely creations! Love that chair too!

Brenda Susan said...

wow! You are fun to read! The decorating pics are very inspiring too! I'll be back to check out your blog again for sure. I am in Calif & look forward to reading about life on the other coast!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog while surfing tonight and just had to let you know how positively thrilled I am for you and your (gorgeous) DD. Your updates are amazing and I look forward to seeing what you do next.

Oh, and the kitchen and pillows...tdf. Seriously.

dec0r8or said...

Thanks everybody! Diane, you are definitely the winner, even though it wasn't a contest! LOL! I got all four chairs for $7. Can you believe that?! Yes, Kat, they have upholstered seats. I'm trying to bum some zebra pillows off Anneliese to use the fabric on the seats. CRaZy TowN I tell ya'! Rose, I didn't go on any roller coasters. They make my head explode. And a big "HI!" to Lisa! Long time no "see," chica! Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods, and for the good wishes. I hope all is well in your world too. :)

paintergal said...

OOh, I love those pillows and chairs and wall color and toile fabric and, and...
If you love it, of course it works, silly! You have the bestest taste. :)

KARIN said...

I can't get over those chairs- $7 for butt ugly chairs would be a steal, but seriously, you got faux bamboo chairs for $7 total??? That's just not right. :( Hate you.

The only way I could do blue walls is if I paired it with red (especially Rasberry!). I think you have a great eye. That built in would be so great in Rasberry.

The toile you chose is such an intricate pattern. It looks like a botanical print in a way. I love it. Im a freak for botanicals.

I have to catch up on your older posts. I really love your choices and style.

Greg said...

Party on, Sherm! LOVE the bar cart...what a find!

And that TOILE is amazing. I just love the pattern, but you know me and plants. Is that where you're pulling the raspberry red from? If so, I highly approve.

It's hard for us to judge it with the blue from just a photo, so we'll have to take your word for it until we can schedule on onsite inspection. But really, "Crazy Town" just sounds like the words of the unconfident.

Great chairs...and I love the pillows--I bet you'll enjoy a little less cat hair on those as pillows as opposed to a bathroom rug!

So cool to see your house coming together...you must be enjoying yourself.

Now, about this fruit pizza business...what kind of crust? What's the sauce? Tell me everything.

Terri's ThreadArt said...

Oh WOW!!!! The stainless cart has got me drooling!!!! I just LOVE it! What a great buy!

iloveupstate.com said...

Two questions...

What fabric store in Kinderhook?

When are you dropping off those chairs at my house?


Kat said...

I had to come find out how much the chairs cost! Diane cant yell at me for triple posting because this is a totally different subject. LOL!
$7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now for one of these chairs Id be amazed at that price but 4????? Gobsmacked!
I bet you didnt have to think about that deal for to long. lol!

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