Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kitchen Before and After

This kitchen needs a bit of a major overhaul. I'm tossing around the idea of either getting IKEA cabinets to replace what's there (not the built-in--that's staying!), or possibly just replacing the doors on the existing cabinets and painting them all white. I want a black countertop, probably laminate, unless I can do granite on a budget somehow. And I have an 18" vinyl tile picked out for the floor already...almost the same color tones as the one that's there now, but the one that's there now is
In the picture above you can see the single light fixture that was on the ceiling. I replaced that with a track light. That's the previous owners, too! Hee! They had rented this place to the same guy for the last 17 yrs. It was in pretty rough shape. They did a lot of fixing before I moved in, as you can see from the wall patching!
The green "tile" you see everywhere is going to be covered over with white beadboard wainscoting, and the walls above will be painted a very lovely shade of "morning fog" blue. Hee. I THINK that's the name of the paint color. It's a pale've seen it everywhere. Of course, who the time this actually gets done, I may have changed my mind again, and I'll have to use the blue somewhere else.
In the picture above, you can see that I have completely filled the built-in with stuff....and then some. I need to find a solution for the shelf underneath. Right now it has tools and all sorts of crap on it. Hopefully when I get done using the tools every day, they can find a new home. You can also see the dishwasher stuffed into that corner. It's not hooked up yet. That will be installed to the right of the sink, and then I'm going to put a rolling microwave cart in that corner. Right now the microwave is on the other end of the kitchen...not too convenient.
Track light! I love it...we configured it so each light shines on a task area: sink, stove, pantry, table, built-in. Love it.
This is my temporary fix, and my new stove. I just basically moved all my stuff in and called it done...hung the shelves above the counters because I needed more places to put stuff. If I don't go the IKEA route, I'll be building two upper cabinets out of vintage windows, and then putting shelves in between them. That was my first idea, and I'm starting to turn back to it. Sigh. I don't know!!
The "table" here is the vanity that I'll eventually be using in the bathroom. I didn't have anywhee to put it just now, so it's the table for a while. I have a couple of table choices in storage for this area--one a rustic painted drop-leaf, and one an antique oval drop-leaf. We'll see!


PAT said...

Sharon, I love that little corner in your kitchen, with the table(vanity) bench and chairs!

The living room is wonderful. I like all that you've accomplished and can't wait to see more.

I saw your message at GI. The studio is a glorified name for the bonus space, over the garage. We brought the antique iron bed, back from the lake. There are further redo's going on there at the same time these little fixups are going on here!! The "studio" had all my painting, flower arranging and other stuff scattered all over the place. It's the room where I work on little projects, like the chair bows for the wedding. I'm turning it into a little garden room...hopefully. More news as it progresses.

You're doing a great job on your new home. I knew you would!

Anonymous said...

Boy....this is my absolutely favorite part of a new home....making it your own! This is soo fun to watch!

I don't know, Sharona...I might just paint the cabs white for now...are they that bad?? Have you ever thought of putting a skirt under your sink? I could see a great textural piece of french linen(almost burlap)on a thin wire.

The beadboard will look great! The light is a fun addition!

I sooooo love that built in! How about get some of those glass canisters for flour, sugar, snacks for under there....when you's done wit da tools...that is.

Fun, fun, fun!!!!

linda(trop) said...

whoops...forgot to add my name to the above post!!

suzette said...

HA! I read the anonymous post and KNEW it was TROP! Sharon, if I was any more happy for you, I'd pop. I love what you're doing there. Isn't it great to edit and make it your own, and fresh? SOMEWHERE I was reading about you and exterior paint color choices. I have a pic I have to snap for you. I recently saw the beigey house with a deep smokey grey shutter. Very pretty! It STRUCK me, even before I knew you were looking for colors. I WILL GET A PIC! I promise! I just love your cottage. :-)

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