Friday, June 06, 2008

Fusion, Baby!

Big project of the week: spray the old (four years?or more?) plastic Adirondack chairs with Krylon's Fusion spray paint. What a transformation!! They went from dry, chalky green,
to awesome shiny new hyacinth blue!
I was planning to paint these myself, but BF got excited when I walked through the door with three cans of spray paint, so he grabbed them and the Windex and ran out the door before I could protest. ( I love spray-painting stuff!!)
After cleaning the chairs with the Windex, he sprayed 'em up, and they look SO great! I can't believe it, really. They look brand new! If it weren't for the little blue spray spots on the grass (ha!), you'd never know that they were painted and not new. Seriously. Even my sister was amazeed! Kudos to Krylon. That Fusion paint rocks.
P.S. Don't tell BF his picture's on the internet. He'd kill me. I can't get a shot of the guy without him hiding his face. I only got these shots because I told him I was shooting the chairs...silly man. He should know better. Thank God he shaved the other night...those whiskers were makin' him look like the hillbilly he is (his words--cracked me up).


Amber said...

Cool blue chairs and a Popsicle! hee! Sharon, LOVE that blue...they really did turn out wonderfully! And how great to recycle something...saves money, crap in the landfill...thumbs up!

Rose said...
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Rose said...

What a happy blue! Glad to see them transformed and not just dumped. They look beautiful! And the BF is hot! Any chance he has a brother in SoCal? hee!

PAT said...

Hi Sharon
I love the chairs' new look and so happy to get a glimpse of BF. Jan suggested I use Krylon on our all weather wicker. They aren't looking so good, this year.

I posted a little post which included a chair seat done in the leftover zebra fabric. I still haven't completely finished the stool I bought the fabric for in the first place!


dec0r8or said...

Ha...sorry, Rose, BF's brother is in NY, and he's married. He looks a lot like BF, too! Same full head of hair and blue eyes. Maybe someday he'll let me get a picture of those baby-blues so you can see 'em! Hee!

Hey Pat, make sure you get the FUSION paint for your chairs. You seriously won't regret it. Mine look and feel like's amazing stuff!

Diane said...

The chairs look great. I had some green ones....don't know what happened to them. Maybe I can buy some more at a yard sale. The paint works great doesn't it?

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