Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kathleen's End of School Party

Here she is with her best friend Shannon. They were taking pictures and setting up last minute stuff before kids started arriving.
There's the "big top" as my sister likes to call it. We had all of the food in there, and figured it would also double as shelter if it rained, which thank GOD it didn't!
I borrowed some more Adirondack chairs from my sister for the event as well, so the kids could sit. We also laid out a few quilts on the grass.
Kathleen picked out her green and blue theme. The cups matched too! I have no gardens as of yet, so I took a drive and cut some wildflowers for a couple of bouquets.
The volleyball net was a big hit. They played with that thing for about 2 hrs, and spent the other two doing karaoke and kickball. I wish I had gotten pics of the kickball game.
It was pretty rowdy!
Here's a few of them at the karaoka machine. They had a blast with that.
I think the top count was 23 kids at one point. I'm glad I got this shot before everyone got picked up. I have a couple of tame pics too, then told them to have fun with this one. I love it when everyone gets goofy and/or glamorous....cracks me up.
They all had a great time. I wish I could have gotten a good shot of them all running around with their glowing necklaces in the dark. It was wild. Kathleen said "Thanks, Momma, you're the best Momma ever" after all of her friends had left. Then: "Can we just clean it up tomorrow? I'm so TIRED."
So I let her go to bed. :)


Rose said...

Wheeee! Your home is SUCH a great place for a fun party! And you have great party ideas, too, to use that wonderful space. Oh, it sounds like it was a wonderfully wild party. Yay!

Amber said...

You ARE the best momma ever! What a coolio birthday party. Kathleen is so adorable...looks like she hangs with a good group of kids, too.

*I* want a "big girl" get-together with glow-in-the-dark necklaces and karaoke! :-)

Rose said...

Hey, Amber, let me when to show up for that party - lol!

PAT said...

And a good time was had by all! Great photos. I love to see photos of kids having a great time!


sandra/tx said...

That looks like a great party, Sharon. You're a GREAT momma! And Kathleen's a lucky girl!

(I updated my blog. Thanks for the kick in the arse.) :-)

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