Monday, June 09, 2008

Cats and Carpets

Would you just look at these two? They're passed out on the bench in the kitchen.
Neither one of them even flinched when I ran to get the camera and started clicking. I think it's so cute the way Tess curls up with her arm over her eyes. She does that a lot.
They are such good kitties. I love to watch them play together, and watch Puff groom Tess. He's such a good boy.
I know, the title of this blog post is "Cats and Carpets" and these aren't really carpets, but "Cats and Rugs" just didn't cut it in the alliteration department, so I took some liberties. Forgive me? This is my new LR rug that I picked up at Tuesday morning the other day--was it Tuesday? Heh. ANYway, I fell in love with the fern pattern, and the colors are nice and subtle, AND upon closer examination, I saw that the tag said "Indoor/Outdoor" hose-off-able rug! Hee! If one of those adorable little kitties has a little barfy accident, I'll be able to clean it right up! Yay! Of course, now that I've actually purchased the rug, and put it in the room, I'll have to seriously get cracking on slipcovering that darn couch. *sigh*
Then as I was rolling up the big LR rug at the store, this zebra rug caught my eye and I just HAD to have it! It's a jute or sisal, and it's awesome! The red chair isn't looking so hot with it, but the new sofa I'm getting from a friend is going to look SMASHING with it, so I'm not sweating the red chair right now. Maybe I'll move that up to my sewing room. I need a place to relax when I'm working too, don't I? (Yeah I'm good at justification.)
I opened that window for the first time the other day, too, and I love the way it looks even though the storm window is still there. I don't want to put the screen in that'll dull the light. I have enough windows I can open and put screens in. This room is actually great for playing my flute right now. I bet the acoustics will go ka-put when I put the sofa in there though. Oh well. I'll enjoy it for now.
So there you have it. I was feeling remiss in not posting more pics of the house. I'll try to be better as the projects get done!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Sharon, thanks for stopping by. I love your new little cottage! So cute & the hardwoods sure turned out great. I'm very happy for your and your DD to get your own place. Looks like a peaceful, beautiful surroundings too. Cute kitties too...

Those A chairs look great with the new coat of paint. I have some taupe colored plastic ones & I think I'll have to paint them a funky color one of these days. They are still in great shape, so I haven't bothered yet, but I do love those bright colors too. And you have a new BF! Congrats on that too.

I do love my new piece of furniture. I checked on line under Chippendale & then Hepplewhite when you mentioned it. Looks like the pulls are Hepplewhite & the feet are def. Chippendale, so who knows. I have no history on it, but I just know I love it!


Rose said...

Your kitties are so cute. Even sleeping, you can see they have their own little personalities. the fern rug is pretty-pretty! Great pattern and colors and can go with so much. I'm pretty ga-ga over that window! Very cool! You think a screen would dull the light? I've never had that happen; the ones I have are very sheer. I don't like blinds or plantation shutters for that reason, though. They block out a ton of light.

Love seeing pics of your cute new home!

Amber said...

I just love all the things you're choosing for your new home, Sharona! This place just FEELS like you!

And I can see the kitties have definitely made themselves at home, too!

SarahWhite said...

That zebra rug is awesome! I'm so excited for you and K...nothing like a new home. We need lots and lots and LOTS of pictures, ok? To make up for your lack of them in the past several years. And the kitties, so sweet!

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