Friday, June 13, 2008

Best Friends Ever

I had a little dinner party last night in honor of my birthday. There were six adults, three kids, and we had a lovely time. The bouquet of dahlias above is from my friend Pat. I can't even tell you how gorgeous that thing looks in real life! SO pretty!

The bouquet of peonies is from my friend Kelly...they smell SO divine! I used that potting bench as a buffet of sorts. It's where the wine and glasses went, and the metal bucket with soda and beer.
I titled this post Best Friends Ever because my friends know JUST what I need for my birthday! My friend Jennifer and her husband came over the other night with three pick-up truck loads full of topsoil for me. It has rocks and worms and everything in it! There are absolutely NO gardens here yet, so that is my jumping off point. I'm so excited to have dirt! And her mother Pat is going to bring me compost this week too! How much better does it get? Not much!!
All of these sedums and the bunny came from my friend Kelly. She bought the pots over in Massachusetts. I can't remember the name of the place, though. I'm in love with this little vignette. It looks perfect on the little painted green table to the right of my rear entrance steps.
Kathleen set the table for me. I love my umbrella so much...b-day present from BF last year...that and the hammock. BF is in Denver this week, so no prezzies yet from him! (I'm all about the
I put the Adirondack chairs under the tree, and put a small table out there in the side yard. We ended up spending the whole time at the dining table out back, but the kids played out there...making mini-movies of each other, and playing frisbee...roasting marshmallows, etc. They had fun, and we hardly saw them! Yay!
Next weekend is Kathleen's big party. She has invited 29 kids over for four hours of fun. I can't wait. (Insert scared sarcastic face here.) She seems to have things all figured out, so I'm not too worried. We just need to do the big shopping trip next week, and see if we can dig up a nice big tent somewhere. You have to have a tent for it to look festive, right?! Wish me luck.


Rose said...

Oh! A garden party! How wonderful everything looks set up outside. Great job, Kathleen! Clever use of the potting table as a serving table. You have a wonderful outdoor space to enjoy parties. I'm so glad you celebrate your birthday. Silly not to, I think. None of us are guaranteed that we'll have one next year, so we should celebrate each one we have. :-)

Happy birthday, Sharon!

suzette said...

I like the idea of throwing my own birthday party too, Sharon. I never thought of it-it's perfect! ...oh, and your gifts? Practical and 'earthy!'..good for you. It sounds like you had a really great memory filled birthday. Well deserved. :-)

PAT said...

I can tell you are absolutely loving your new home. I'll swear that table looks like something right out of Country Living!

I'm catching up with you and just have to say....I LOVE THAT ZEBRA RUG!! I would have had to bring it home, too!

A belated happy b'day to you, Sharon! Have a wonderful week.

Amber said...

WOW...what a wonderful birthday party! Your first b-day in your new home...and the perfect setting! I swear, Sharon, this is right out of Martha Stewart Living! The flowers are great, the table is beautiful, and I love the pile of dirt! Do you know that my grandmother gifted herself with a delivery of dirt every year for her birthday? She's 89 now and finally stopped having the energy to haul it a few years ago.

Anyway, happy birthday and many wishes for a great prezzie from the Popsicle and a sanity-preserving party for Kathleen!

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