Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bread Pudding (or How I'm Becoming a Domestic Goddess)

Last night, after grilling a nice London Broil and making Crash Hot Potatoes to go with it (thank you, Christy, for pointing me to that recipe!  Yum!), I was faced with the clear plastic container on the counter, which contained three apple cider donuts, sadly left adrift because they were no longer fresh.   Normally, I would have thrown them away.  But with groceries costing me an arm and a leg these days, I wanted to do something with them.  Enter my friend Kelly (remember Crazy Town?) and her recipe for bread pudding.  I broke up those donuts, added a week-old sandwich roll, and got down to business.  I scalded my milk, butter, and sugar, whisked together my eggs, salt, and vanilla, mixed it all together, poured it over the old stuff, sprinkled it with cinnamon, threw it in the oven and a half hour later, voila!  Dessert!  Breakfast!  Snack!   Both Kathleen and BF looked at it with crunched up noses and wouldn't even try it.  I guess it's ALL MINE then, eh?  Brats.  Both of 'em.  Not just my kid.
Speaking of brats, would you just look at Tess?  Is she not the cutest EVER with her little paws up over her eyes?  I like that she's perched on a box labeled "Fragile", too.  I brought some more boxes in from the stuff, I hope.  I'm missing all sorts of casserole dishes and other bakeware.  I'm sure it's in these boxes somewhere.  Now I just need to unpack them!


sandra/tx said...

Awww... That Tess is adorable. If I could see her face, I'd bet she'd look a little like our Sidney Grace.

I love bread pudding. Hmmm... I might need to make some this week. I also want to try that crash potatoes recipe.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Yuuuum. I'm still stuck on the cider donut on earth could you let those delectable morsels go stale??!

Have you been to Indian ladder this season?

Sweet kitty!

Rose said...

oh, I love bread pudding! Looks totally yummy. If we lived closer, we could each take a spoon and gab as we dipped into it. Very resourceful and creative of you!

Tess is adorable!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I will definitely check out the Crash Potatoes recipe.

We both love bread pudding. Your's looks delish. I would have loved to have had some!

Kat said...

Tess wants to play hide n seek! To cute!

Love me some bread pudding! They wont eat it....more for you!

Rhondi said...

Hi Sharon
I saw your comment on Daisy Cottage and thought I'd stop by for a visit. I am a cat lover too and think your cat is adorable. My husband loves bread pudding and seeing your recipe has prompte to make it for him again and I clicked on the smashed hot potato link. That is definitely going to be on the dinner plate this weekend.
Your blog is great and I'll be back again.
I'll be back again for

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

Tess looks so cute! Great coloring on her! We had a cat adopt us for about 1 1/2 till she had a run in with a car. We all miss him so much! He was the best cat!

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