Saturday, September 20, 2008

She's Hooked!

I have been awarded this little "prize" by my friend Sandra at Canyon Wren Cottage, because apparently she's a HUGE fan of my yammerings and braggeryness (<--yes, it's a word...I made it up myself!) .    The award originally comes (in a roundabout way, of course) from Hooked on Houses, which I'm now going to have to add to my already ridiculously long list of hot spots on Google Reader.  Clearly I need to spend more time on this box.  Um.  Yeah.

So thanks, Sandra!  And now it's my turn to pass you all on to five of my favorite "hang" spots on the bloggery web (yeah, same as above with "bloggery"'s my word.).  Now this was tough, because, well, Sandra already stole like three of my fav's, so I'm going to try and be original here, and give you something new to look at.
  1. The Midnight Garden  ~  The author of this blog is an old college friend of mine, who happens to be a great photographer, and lover of all things beautiful and alive.  Flowers are his specialty.  (Love ya', Greg!)
  2. The Devine Life ~ This is textile designer Michael Devine's blog, which I just discovered after a recent visit with him at his awesome shop in Kinderhook, NY.  He even gave me a little tour through his back garden!  Anyway, he hobnobs with the glitterati of the design world, so I visit his blog to live vicariously.  (P.S.  If you do a search in my blog for his name, you can see some pics of his shop that I took last year before Christmas--or I could do that and come back here and link to it.  Um.  Nah.  You do it.).
  3. Project Rungay ~ Are you snarky?  Do you love snarkyness?  I am!  I do!  So that's why I read this blog about the latest episodes of Project Runway, which happens to be my latest vice (yeah, ok, ONE of my vices...geesh).  I love that show.  For real.  
  4. Renovation Therapy ~  Another fairly recently discovered blog is authored by a literary agent named Jean, who happens to be renovating a house in Hudson, NY on the weekends, while living in NYC during the week. ( At least, I'm pretty sure she lives in NYC during the week.)  And she does weird stuff like paint chandeliers all one color with spray paint, and make her own ironing board--(you know--stuff that I would do!  So I like her! :) )
  5. Sweet } Salty ~ The young woman who writes this blog is a genius.  A genius with words, and "seeing."  By "seeing"  I mean she SEES life, and FEELS it, and manages to convey it with the most amazing beauty.  (She needs to write a book.)  When I found her blog by a confounderance (yep--invented it myself) of bloggeryness, I read back about a year, and cried for hours.  So bring your box of tissues, and read about her life.    
Phew!  That list took forever to compile and link up.  Now go read!  YOU need to spend more time on YOUR box too!!  It's good for your eyes!  And your health!   Mmmm hmmm.


Hooked on Houses said...

Project Rungay is one of my favorite blogs. It's always good for a laugh. Your blog has had me laughing this morning, too. I can see why Sandra gave the award to you!

Now I'm off to explore those other blogs you mentioned and find more reasons not to get anything productive done around here today. -Julia :-)

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

These sound great! Can't wait to check them out. I'm going to the first one as soon as I finish this comment.

Congratulations on your award. I've been Hooked On Serendipity since it's inception...for that matter, BEFORE it's inception.

Have a great week! said...

Congrats on your award and thanks so much for passing it on. I'll post it up on my blog just as soon as this tequila hangover wears off. Well, it is Sunday morning...

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Hey...Congrats on your hookin' award! You deserve it!

Hey...I got sucked into the sweet salty blog too...powerful stuff.

Greg said...

Hold on, what do you mean, "old" college friend...? ; ) Thanks for the prize, my dear. I'll have to get it posted shortly...

Love that you recognized Kate over at Sweet-Salty. Isn't she a great writer? I like the way she sees this world of ours.

Soleil said...

Do you think I have nothing better to do than to sit around and read even more blogs? You're flipping killing me! BTW...braggeryness sounds like a Tiggerism. Love it.
Hope all is well with you. Just getting caught up on your blog, it's been over a month since I've visited. I'm trying not to spend ALL of my time blog surfing, so I have to limit it to a few a day. Everything is coming along great at the house. Kitchen is looking fabulous and yes, use Raspberry red on the built ins.
I'm thinking of shipping Emma and Mitchell off to you since you seem to be doing such a splendiferous job raising Kathleen.

Take Care!

dec0r8or said...

Sheila, I'm thinking that MY blog should be right there at the top of your list, so that you're not leaving me in the lurch for so long. I mean, geesh. Don't I rate?

Seriously, woman, I'm so glad you stopped by! It's been a long time! I hope all is well with you. Check in more often, will ya'?!

P.S. Send your kids over for a visit. We can trade! Hee!

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