Friday, December 11, 2009

Photo into Painting

I can't seem to stop playing around with textures. Here is the before shot:
...and here it is after I added a canvas texture to it:
...and then another layer of something...I forget...that made it a little darker.
It's interesting to me that I can take a simple photo, which was pretty "eh" and turn it into something with a mood, you know? Pretty cool stuff.

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Debbie Egizio said...

Wow Sharon, it's magical what you can do with your photoshop!! Everything looks fabulous!! So glad to hear that you did well at your show. The show I did had very low attendance. There were so many talented artists but not enough people coming through. I did get a chance to really get to know the other creative's which was very nice. So I made some great art friends. Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend!

Kristi said...

Your photo's are gorgeous!! I just bought a new camera and am charging the battery as we speak and cannot WAIT to use it!
Yes, I'm totally serious on the slipcovers! Email me at I have two small scale chairs that I love (because they are small and a great shape) but I am tired of the chenille that I reupholstered with. I just want to be able to "change"! :)

Rose - The Center of My Self said...

You are an artist in so many media. The original and the manipulated photos are all gorgeous, each in their own way, each creating a different mood and evoking a different emotional response. Beautiful.

The Decorated House said...

Gorgeous pictures Sharon.
Congrats to your DD with getting out of the braces. I had mine when my daughter had hers. Only she was in them for 2 years, and me for 4 1/2!
It's so GOOD to get them off!
{And yes, she does look a bit older :) }
Where's the Christmas decorating??

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