Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Braces Off!

Kathleen got her braces off today! She's had them on for two years, nine months! Phew!
Here she is on the way to the orthodontist this morning:

...et voila! All gone! How 'bout that "before" mold?!

She is SO happy!
Yay! I swear she looks three years older. *sigh* My baby is growin' up!
I would like to send a big shout-out to my mother, God rest her soul...she paid for those braces! Thanks, Mom! :)

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Kristi said...

Hey Sharon, how are you? that's a great smile your daughter has!!!! I had braces as well, so I know that excitement of finally getting them OFF!
How have you been? Love the picture of the first snow! Do you make slipcovers?? I am in need :)

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

She is just beautiful....shining beautiful!

I think of your mom all the time...as her sedan (which just had its power steering lines changed in our driveway) carries my firstborn safely to school and work and play! Thanks to your mom too!

Anonymous said...

So Im sitting here thinking, Kathleen looks just like someone in these pictures, but I cant think who, and all of a sudden it hits me. She looks like the female version of the boy on the show Two and a Half Men. I think she needs a new nickname: Jake!! Im sure she will love it.

dec0r8or said...

Geez....good thing she doesn't read my blog, or she'd be crying in her cereal this morning!

dec0r8or said...

Oh, and Linda, I am SO glad Mom's car is still up and running for you guys. It makes me very happy to know it's still kickin' for someone else. I have a '98 Nissan Altima up here too...need another car? Hee!

Diane said...

Kathleen is such a beauty, and it's simply magnified with the braces off. How DID that little bit of a girl of yours grow up into such a lovely young lady so quickly? I mean, you and I and the other girlies aren't a day older . . . are we? ;-)

dec0r8or said...

We haven't aged a bit, Diane! :-D And don't ask me how she grew up so quick....I look at Amber's kids and think the same thing...they were little munchkins when we all "met!"

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