Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Flying Squirrels In My Walls

Cute, right?
They have been in my walls making all kinds of noise for a couple of weeks now. BF decided the other night (while I was out) that he would try and catch one. So he rigged up this glass bowl with a stick and some peanut butter, and lo and behold, about 5 minutes later, this is what he had!
Kathleen took the pictures. Apparently the little guy was so scared, he pooped himself!
So I get home from the movies and BF is telling me the whole story of the bowl up in my bedroom ceiling, etc. , and I'm looking at these pictures that Kathleen has posted on Facebook, and I manage to ask "Well, what did you DO with it?" And BF says "I brought him across the street and let him go over in the woods."
I said "So........you don't think a flying squirrel is going to find his way back across the street?" *Sigh* His heart was in the right place, right? Actually, I think the thrill of trapping something was too much to resist for him. He used to do trapping with his father as a kid. So I'm sure our little furry friend will be back to join his brethren in the eaves of my house, until we can patch up whatever entry point they have up there on the roof.
But he IS adorable.
I'm glad I didn't put out the rat poison like I had planned.

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Cindy said...

Ahhh hahahaha! Yep, he'll be back! My husband had these red squirrels in his attic when he had this old Victorian home in MN. Hired professionals to "seal up the house" and trap them! Before they were all taken care of, he found one drowned in the stool! Ahhhhhh! Glad he didn't tell me til several yrs. later, don't think I could've slept in the house after that....at least not comfortably!

Rose - The Center of My Self said...

Clever BF! Hope humans and squirrels can live in peace and harmony ... in separate abodes.

dec0r8or said...

I borrowed a Have-a-Hear trap from a friend, and we've caught two more...one which got OUT of the trap before we had a chance to get him out of here. *sigh* We're still working on it! It would be nice to have them GONE already! Geesh!

dec0r8or said...

that's *heart

My Casa Bella said...

AWWWW! He is so cute and he sure looked scared but he WILL be back. My Bestfriend had them in her attic and they did so much damage to the gutters as well. They had to hire someone to seal up the area up there as well, they are very destructive those cute little boogers....LOL

dec0r8or said...

I'd just like to post an update here, since I seem to be getting a lot of hits from people out there with squirrels in their walls!

I have a suspended ceiling in my bedroom, and that's where we put the have-a-heart trap, which we rigged with peanut butter. We wound up catching about 10 of the little critters, and my boyfriend drove each one of them to a park a few miles away from here. That was last year, and they haven't been back this year--knock wood! I have yet to seal up the spot in my roof where they were getting in--it's right under the eaves of one of my dormers...a great spot for them to chew their way in.

I wish all of you out there lots of luck!

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