Wednesday, December 17, 2008

O Christmas Tree

I'm joining the Hooked on Houses holiday tour!  Here's a look around my house all decked out for the holidays!  Don't forget to go to Hooked on Houses for LOTS more homes to tour!  There is another list of homes to tour at Rhoda's place, too.  Go to Southern Hospitality to check it out.
I took these pictures yesterday morning, because I wanted the lights to glow....but they ARE a little dark. Sorry!

I love my felted pears tree!
...and my bird's nest tree!
...and my little cardboard fireplace with flickering bulb! I swear it's almost as good as the real thing! No kidding! I love it!
I put this little tree in the front window, so my neighbor wouldn't think I was a humbug! :)
The piano was my big gift to Kathleen this year for Christmas. There was no way for me to make it a surprise, unfortunately. But she's been playing it ALL the time, which is so awesome. I'll be getting her some lessons in January.

These little skaters skate around to music if I want them to. I usually leave the music off. They're fun!
My sister gave me that Martha Stewart feather tree a couple of years ago. I love it! (Can you tell I love my Christmas stuff?!)
I started a Santa collection years ago.

There's the felted penguin I bought last weekend!

...and some of my favorite Christopher Radko ornaments...

Do you see the glass icicles? My sister gave me those last year. They are gorgeous, and VERY realistic looking!

Stay tuned for pictures from my sister's house! I took them at last night's cookie party. It was looking very festive!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Sharon, thanks for joining the party! Your tree is beautiful & I love all your decorations. Fits right in with your home and looks so cozy & warm. You have a little bit of a rustic/vintage touch & I love that! Merry Christmas to you and your daughter!

PAT said...

I love it Sharon! Absolutely wonderful!!

Rose said...

Warm, cozy, traditional and all aglow with the spirit of Christmas! Your pengy is just adorable and your variety of trees is just fun and happy. A PIANO! I play and I love to see a piano in people's homes. I've always loved playing Christmas carols this time of year, everyone gathered round and singing. Oh, Kathleen will make such wonderful memories with that gift!

Tyra said...

Wow..! Looks like that you are getting in the Christmas spirit.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Your felted pears tree is so unusual--love that! And your tree and everything else looks great, too. Thanks for joining my blog party and inviting us in! -Julia :-)

Debbie Egizio said...

Your decorations are stunning! Can I come over for a holiday visit? I'd love to see all of your goodies in person! Everything is just absolutely beautiful!!!!!!

Amber said...

Wow, what a gorgeous tour, Sharon! You've put me in the holiday spirit, from your cool ice skaters on the dish to your feather tree to your big tree to your little snowflakes on the blog! Kathleen is a lucky girl. Merry Christmas!

Licha said...

Your home looks like the perfect place to celebrate Christmas! I say "home" instead of "house" because it takes a lot to make a house a home and you've totally accomplished that!

I'm so jealous! My house is relatively free of decoration because my kids have a condition called "breakeverythingitis" and our cat is just still very young and curious!

sandra/tx said...

Sharon, I love all your decorating. Isn't it fun being in your own house this Christmas?

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