Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Another Headboard Bench!

Some of you have seen my headboard benches in the past. I made this one for my friend Kelly's birthday last week.
Usually I have a footboard to cut in half and use it as arms, and a base for the seat, but not in this case. I had to build the whole bench part and front legs from scratch. I'm happy with my results.

***Note to web surfers who found this post through a Google search***
I have pictures of another bench I made on my design website, InteriorImage.com. (Click on Showhouse 2006 to see it. With that one, I used a headboard AND a footboard, upholstered the bottom, and made a cushion for it. I used it in the showhouse bedroom, and since my daughter wouldn't let me sell it, it now sits at my dining room table.

Also, if any of you out there have completed a headboard bench project, or have questions, please send me a message, post a comment, or send me a picture, and I'll include it here with a link to your blog if you'd like! It would be nice to have a whole collection of these headboards in one spot, wouldn't it? I like to see what others have done, and who inspired them!

**Alert for those near my home town!**
This coming Sunday, December 7th,2008
is the annual
Christmas by the River event in Coxsackie, NY.
Please come by and see all of the wonderful crafters and vendors.
I'll be showing my jewelry and other gifty items in the conference room at
Heartland Realty on Reed Street. It's where all the fun will be, people, so
PLEASE stop on by!


Lisa said...

That's awesome!

paintergal said...

Lucky, lucky friend!
I have a headboard and footboard (already sawn in half) that is waiting to be made into a bench sitting in our garage. Hopefully, I can get to it in the summer.
You're inspiring me!

Anonymous said...

Great idea. I love it.

Rose - Watching Waves said...

Girl, ya gots vision! This turned out great. The paint color brings out the detail even more than the white did.

Brenda Susan said...

Wow that is gorgeous! I so admire people who can see beyond the item in front of them. That is a really beautiful peice!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oh yes, girl! IMPRESSIVE! You are just too much!YES we want to see it in it's home.....then...Know that I, too, have a wonderful home willing to adopt a Sharona bench...just sayin'.

Kat said...

Ive loved all of your headboard benches. This one is fabulous too.
Kelly will be thrilled.

sandra/tx said...

That's very cute, Sharon. Good luck at the craft show. Sounds like fun!

Jean Martha said...

The bench looks awesome!!

Amber Cargile said...

That bench is AWESOME, Sharon! What a lucky friend!

Wish I could visit your trunk show!!! Can your blog friends get a sneak peek for fun?

Anonymous said...

That is one gorgeous bench! I'd love to have one for the back porch.

lizzie said...

LOVE it! Way to see the potential!

Debbie Egizio said...

This is a stunning pieced!! What a talent!!

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