Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas by the River in Coxsackie

I did a lot of things wrong with my display this year, but thought of a lot of good ideas for next year, so it's all good. You do, and you learn, right? I was in a different spot this year, and shared the space with my friend Donna. We're working on a better plan for next year's layout. We need to plan ahead! Traffic wasn't nearly as heavy as it was last year. It's difficult to know if it was the weather (COLD and windy), the way the show was (or was not) promoted, the economy, or a combination of the three. It wasn't a total bust though....I made enough money to make it worth my while, and that's all that matters! For some reason, I have no photos of my jewelry. I'm an idiot. I'm going to have a trunk show at a friend's house this weekend, so maybe I'll take pics there and post 'em up for you later.

I sewed these birds with a pattern I found on the internet. I just LOVE them! I sold four out of ten, so there are six left if anyone's interested! :) $8.99 each!

Donna knitted these newborn baby hats out of organic cotton from Decadent Fibers, and they were a big hit. She needs to make bigger ones next year. She sold these for just $10 each! I couldn't believe it! A couple of people bought them for American Girl dolls. I thought that was a great idea! If you want one, let me know. In fact, if anybody wants anything you see, let me know, and I'll be happy to ship.

Snow people! Too cute!!

I love the pears. I have a few that my friend Pat has given me through the years. I put them on my window sashes.

I had to buy one of the pink flamingos for my sister in FL. I thought they were great. $5! All of Donna's stuff is needlefelted wool. She does a beautiful job.

It may not look too much like a partridge, but you get the idea! LOL. He's adorable atop the pear tree! I have to get my Christmas decor out of the garage. I think I have enough of these little pears now to make a go of a little tree.

I had to have the penguin with the ear muffs, and she sold the one holding the silver tree, but I believe the other two are still available. $14 each. CUTE!


Amber said...

CUTE stuff, Sharona! Looking forward to your jewelry photos!

sandra/tx said...

Sharon, I'm glad the show was worth your while. I've done the ones before that weren't worth MY while, and that's such a drain.

I love the pears and the pear tree -- cute!

Rose said...

What cute penguins! Glad the show was worthwhile. I used to do shows with my ex-father-in-law, an artist/painter, and always enjoyed visiting with customers. Have a great time with your trunk show!

Kat said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE!! What talented friends you have. Your birds are fantastic and I wouldnt have been able to resist that penquin!

Renovation Therapy said...

I tried to make those little birds too - yours look sooooo much better than mine!

I may be around this weekend, if I am...I definitely need to buy one of those flamingos for my co-worker.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Many years ago I made and sold things. Eagle Fork Farm sold things for me. I never did a show, that I can remember.

Really cute stuff...I love your birds and the pears!!

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