Monday, October 15, 2007

Autumn Joy

I took a drive lost for about two hours. I had no idea where I was. Thank goodness I can navigate my way home with the help of the sun. It was gorgeous here...a bit windy and nippy, but the sun was shining, and I couldn't believe some of the breathtaking views I found on the back roads of Albany County! Look at those horses! They just stood there perfectly still, and stared at me while I snapped their picture. That necklace there is my latest to be posted on Etsy. Check it out at
Christmas is coming! I'm sure you have gifts to buy for your mother, best friend, sister, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, not-so-best-friend, lol, etc. This one was particularly fall-like, so I had to post it this morning, to go with my fall mood!

Yesterday I had the living room window open for a while in the afternoon. My phlox are right outside that window. Well..I was just sitting there, looking out the window, breathing in the fresh air, and I kept hearing these little snapping noises...about every 8 seconds or so. It was my phlox, which have gone to seed...the seed pods were snapping open, and shooting their seeds into my garden. It was fascinating. I love to watch and hear nature at work. The other sound of autumn which keeps catching my by sweet surprise every day, is the sound of the Canadian geese flying overhead in large flocks. Their calls are very distinctive, and herald the coming of winter. I can't believe it's almost upon us. I heard about the snowstorm in Colorado yesterday! Yikes! I don't even want to THINK about snow yet. Fall is my favorite. But as Robert Frost said, "nothing gold can stay." *sigh*

Happy Monday to all!

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PAT said...

I think we've seen the best things when we get lost!! Good thing you are a great navigator!

I'm going to have a look at the new jewelry.


Amber said...

I can't wait to show Annie photos of the horses. She will love that! That necklace is just stunning...I love the color combos!

Rose said...

How funny about the sound of phlox pods popping open! Bet you'll have a bevy of "volunteers" growing come spring!

SarahWhite said...

You got lost for 2 hours driving around???? That is my idea of bliss. Great pics and gorgeous jewels sweet girl.

Love the story of the 2 cats. Heeee.

Rose said...

Your pictures really do say fall. Lovely necklace, really lovely. We have two horses that look almost identical to the two in your picture...we don't have a great fence like that around ours though lol.

That's so cool that you got to see and hear those seed pods popping! Nature is so amazing!


Anonymous said...

Popping phlox reminds me of jewelweed: Touch-me-nots! I love the way the translucent green of the seed pod spirals about, shooting the seeds everywhere. Nice quote by Frost, one of my faves. Remember "the road not taken?" Looks like you took it when you got "lost"! There's always a pleasant surprise behind the road not taken. :P

dec0r8or said...

Yes, Lewis, you are so right:

"I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."

Amber said...

That passage by Frost (The Road Less Traveled) is one of my favorites, also. Right up there with the Man in the Arena quote by Teddy Roosevelt.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Frost knows how to say it. I agree with Sharon's earlier mini-quote, or as Frost says
Nature's first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold
Her early sticks a flower
But only so an hour

Then leaf subsides to leaf
So Eden sank to grief
So dawn goes down today
Nothing gold can stay
Indeed, one would think something golden could last; one of nature's paradoxes! Happy Autumn to all.

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

I love, love, love fall and one of my very favorite things about it is hearing the geese. So funny that you mentioned that. I thought I was the only one. I love the photos you took.

daisy cottage said...

Just stopping by to say hi Sharon! Lovely blog and wonderful fall inspiration - thank you for sharing your many talents with us.


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