Monday, October 22, 2007

Another Gorgeous Weekend

I feel like such a posts since Thursday! I had a very nice weekend, and it seemed to seep over into today--hence my delay in posting something new and interesting. Saturday morning was an early one for me...had to bring BF to the airport at 4am to catch a plane to TX, where he'll be for the week. So I came home and went back to bed and slept too late on Saturday morning. Kathleen and I had a lazy morning--me making sweet potato puff for my friend Kelly's dinner party, her playing with her new Webkins stuff online. Then she was off to Madeline's house to play, I delivered some window treatments, and then off I went to Kelly's party. It was a fun time...old friends, good food, reminiscences....I'm glad I went. Whenever I get together with these friends, it reminds me how great they are. I'm glad we still hang out after all of these years (it's been 23 since we graduated!) That table arrangement up top was on the buffet table. Simple, and pretty. Here are her front doors:
I just love those witchy boots!

Sunday was spent lounging around in the morning with Kathleen, until we decided it was too gorgeous a day to just lay about, so we took a drive to Massachusettes. We drove out to Pittsfield, then down to Lenox, and Lee. We discovered the CUTEST little shop, whose name completely escapes me right now, but I can remember her Etsy site! It's . That site is nothing compared to her store, though. Kathleen and I walked in and were both like "WOW, if we opened up a store, THIS is what it would look like!" It was fun, clever, whimsical, colorful, and crazy. We loved it. I bought a few little gifts, Kathleen got some great ideas for her bedroom decor, and I'm thinking we'll have to go back. We also found a great shop full of vintage metal signs, and another dusty little antique place with a wacky guy sitting outsidetaking in the sun, manning the shop.

The only thing more beautiful than the leaves yesterday, was my gorgeous Kathleen. She's growing into a lovely young lady, and I really enjoy spending time with her. Our car time is the best, because we talk about everything under the sun. She's a great kid. I don't know what I did to deserve her! We found a beautiful trail on our way home, and the sun was setting, so I got some great pictures of her. The leaves were beautiful...the whole day was a gift, really.

Isn't she cute?! :)

She's standing next to the lake that we saw from above, as shown in the pic on the right. It was breathtaking. There are more leaf pics, but I guess I'll wait til tomorrow to post them. I'm tired!


Amber said...

What a stunning view...and gorgeous girl! a couple of those pics you really get a glimpse of how she'll look when she's an older teen! You ARE lucky...both of you!

Debbie Egizio said...

Beautiful shots and I love the witchy boots!!

PAT said...

Beautiful daughter, you have there, Sharon!!

Loved all the scenery..wish I could just hop in the car and drive over to MA! Never been!

I think I'll cut some of the plumes from our grasses, to use indoors. I think they're beautiful.

I'm having my 100th post giveaway, at the back porch. Come on over!

daisy cottage said...

She's too cute for words - beautiful pictures!!


Rose said...

She is indeed a lovely girl, Sharon. The pictures are really beautiful. I love the colors of autumn.


suzette said...

She is a lovely young lady Sharon. What happened to our 'little girl' ??? :-) Naturally lovely, all of it. p.s. love the witch boots-Happy Autumn!

Rose said...

Beautiful pics, all of them, Sharon. And I love your descriptions of time with Kathleen. I was a single parent of a daughter and our relationship was so close and wonderful! I miss my little girl who's all grown up now and has daughters of her own to build relationships with. Kathleen is beautiful and I know you treasure this time with her. Blessings to you both.

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