Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Decadent Fibers

My friend Pat sells wool. She sells some of the most gorgeous wool I have seen. She and her friend Chris started their business a number of years ago, and they attend all of the big craft and wool festivals and fairs around the Northeast to sell their wares. They also have a lovely website (I say that because I designed it for them...heh), where they sell yarn, knitting kits, needle felting kits, and wool roving for felting.

They custom hand dye all of their yarns, and have exclusive yarns and knitting patterns, that rival the best out there. They've been featured in many knitting magazines, and even Country Living magazine, for their felted pumpkins.
Pat's daughter is my very good friend Jennifer. Jennifer and her sister used to raise prize-winning sheep when we were kids. I remember going over to their house with the crisp of winter in the air, and the new lambs would be huddled in the barn with their mothers. I even watched one being born once, which was an incredible experience. I tell you this, because they used to sell the prize-winning fleece for others to use. This eventually morphed into Pat not raising the sheep any more (after her daughters were out of the house), but buying the fleece from other prize-winners, and creating her roving and yarns from that. Her eye for color combinations is incredible. Her yarns look good enough to eat, and feel divine in your hands.
Ok, enough gushing. Check out her website at . If you're a knitter, I don't think you'll be able to help yourself. If you've ever thought about starting a new craft, needle felting might be for you! If you look back at my first post (from March, I think?), you'll see a couple of things I felted. It's fun!


Amber said...

What a cool website, Sharon! I love all those colors! I cannot knit a stitch...(is that even the right term?) but I often admire the gorgeous wools you see at craft shops. I love that these come from prize-winning sheep. Is that her farm in the photos on her website? You're making me want to make a trek up north!

PAT said...

Sharon, I enjoyed my visit to this website. It's gorgeous. The colors are so vibrant!

Wonderful post!


Rose said...

What a beautiful, colorful website! Those little tiny penguins are too cute for words!


oehalim said...
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