Friday, September 25, 2009

New Kitchen Shelves

OK, I'm going to just pretend that I didn't hear Diane's whining, because honestly, I think the only pics I've EVER seen of her house are of her bathroom shower curtain or something. So I don't feel the LEAST bit obligated to post pics on HER behalf. (Hear that, Diane? I think you should start your blog now--quid pro quo!)

Below please observe my fabulous new kitchen shelves, made by yours truly. I just bought the brackets at Lowes, and put 1 x 8 boards on them and painted 'em white. The little spice shelf underneath is just a 1 x 3 that I screwed in from the sides of the brackets. I LOVE having my spices out from behind closed doors under my built-in cabinet. Now I can reach them when I'm cooking! Can you see my fresh garlic from the farmers' market too? :) Please excuse my lack of staging. I'm seeing my mojito mix on the counter, and a bag of potatoes, along with my old green dish towels. Whatever. This isn't a magazine. It's my house, right?!
Oh, and P.S. those tomatoes on the windowsill came from my garden!
I built this bench over my radiator, because I couldn't stand looking at the radiator any more! It also reminds me of when I was a kid, and I used to hang out on top of our warm radiators and talk on the phone for HOURS.
I just used a leftover piece of plywood from a cornice project I had done, added the wood legs that my friend Kelly had picked up at a salvage sale, and mounted the back of the plywood board to a 1 x 2 at the back edge of the wall, so the board wouldn't be putting pressure on the radiator when you sit on it. Then of course I had to make a cushion for the whole thing.
And pillows, of course. Kathleen sits here pretty much every morning and eats her breakfast before school. I've strategically left the table out of the photo, because it has been recently requisitioned for my wireless printer, and is collecting paperwork like crazy. Again, this is real life, folks. I need an office. Bad. I'll put that on my list right next to "needs a second bathroom."


Diane said...

Sharon, you know I don't whine. Well, maybe a little, but rarely. And not loud enough for anyone to hear. Or something like that.

You KNOW you've seen pics of my house . . . lots of them from the old GI. Sigh . . . I'll dig them up and repost them somewhere, I guess. My beautiful guest room is all due to your inspiration and generosity with leftover fabrics and it is one of the coolest rooms in my house. But I'll find some pics and post them somewhere.

As to me having a blog? You are SO funny! :-)

dec0r8or said...

"Lots of them?!" I don't THINK so. Maybe SOME of them, but never LOTS of them. I was just busting on you anyway. I did see pics of your lovely guest room after I sent you that fabric. You did a lovely job in there.

You SHOULD have your own blog. You's FUNNY! :)

Diane said...

OK, several, then. More truthful than lots.

I just need to jump in and do those "mini" type things . . . slap some paint on something, stick some floor tiles down, etc. You make it look so easy, and it always looks so good. I, on the other hand, am a planner. Down to the detail planner. So I get an idea, get it all drawn out in my mind, then on paper, then change it a dozen times, then decide it's too much to handle either time or money wise and wait until I can do just that plan that I've agonized over. I need to develop some "quick and dirty" skills. ;-)

As to a blog? I don't see it happening. I don't know where I'd find the time and am sure it's much more to set up and all than I'm capable of. Plus, what would I call it? Rantings/Ramblings of a Forgetful Wench? Doesn't sound interesting, and I'm not clever enough to come up with anything worthy.

But I WILL post some pics this weekend. I promise. Scout's honor.

Later, gator . . .

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Ooooh. Your kitchen fits your darling house perfectly!

Charm to the 10th power!

Diane said...

I lied. Not on purpose, of course, but I lied. This week I'm running on full throttle to get everything around here (home and work both) before I head to Mom's next week. So it will be two weeks before I have a chance to take any new pictures.

We had a gorgeous Fall Day here yesterday . . . blue skies and cooler temps . . . which were welcome after the flooding of the past two weeks. It inspired me to call myself Betty for the day and cook up a huge pot of chicken breasts (part went into the freezer cubed up to use for quick meals and the rest made chicken noodle soup), a big roast with onion and garlic in the crockpot (you inspired me) to eat on and freeze, and baked three butternut squash which I mashed and froze. Though I keep up with washing the dishes as I go when I do an all day cook it's still a little chaotic so didn't want to share pics. My bad. My VERY bad.

But, are you really surprised? ;-)

Kate Michelle said...

Sharon, you have done wonders with your kitchen from what you started with. And you did it on a budget. It oozes charm and warmth. Love the fabrics, colors, and the combination of them. The new open shelves with the glass front cabinets are perfect for your kitchen.

Diane, the only pic on GI I remember is the shower curtain. I'll be looking for the new pics. The guest room sounds yummy. Here I am, the pot calling the kettle black...I need to post pics!
You do underestimate yourself. Blog about whatever pops into your mind. Your fore mentioned blog name is perfect. You do have a way with words and a great sense of humor.


Lacy said...

LOVE the shelves!!...hmmm..I should try that!..I've been watching the progress on your lovely home..just beautiful!..thanks for inspiring!..lacy

dec0r8or said...

Hey Kate and Lacy, are you guys from GI? I only know people by their alter-ego names, so forgive me if I can't place you both. Thanks for the nice comments, though!

Now Diane, I'm going to forgive you, because, well, I'm nice like that, and also because I know you well. I wasn't holding my breath for those pics. I know how you are. And I'm sure Jim would much rather have you cooking chicken, pot roast, and squash, than posting pictures of the house on the internet. In fact, I think BF would much rather I be cooking than blogging, but whatEVER. LOL.

Diane said...

You're so kind, Sharona! :-) And I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't place former GI folks. I know Lacy (from Iowa and I got to meet her a couple of years ago in KC) but can't place Kate. And she's siding with you. Hmph. I have SO posted more pics than a stupid shower curtain. You guys are just trying to "poke the bear". I know it.


I saw Love your pots, and the glass bird vase is TDF. I saw those somewhere though of course I can't remember where. I miss my mind. A lot.

I'm still trying to get my head around apple cider donuts. Yes, I saw that on FB a sec ago. That sound simply so delicious I may have to see if I can find a recipe somewhere. Yummmmmmmm.

Amy said...

Look at your kitchen...just look at it. I remember the before and this is a huge transformation. Love the open shelves. Simple functional and so pretty. The whole kitchen is pretty and charming yet still functional. Lots of great storage and personality. You are amazing. I could definitely cook in this space.

Amy said...

I also think Diane needs to post pictures.

Kat said...

Sharon its me Kat...and those two previous post are from me. My DD had signed herself on and it appears Im showing up as Amy. ROFL!

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