Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's Hammertime!

HammerTOWN, that is. I just couldn't stop singing that Hammer Time song in my head as I wandered through this great store on Sunday. I would like to thank my anonymous local blog lurker for the heads up about Hammertown Barn. What a great place! It's only an hour south of me in Pine Plains, NY. And five more minutes down the road was the town of Millerton, NY, which was chock full of great shops! We (me and my friends Kelly and Jennifer) had a really wonderful day, and it felt like we really uncovered a great secret! Usually we KNOW about these places, but this one took us by surprise. Enjoy the pictures, and if you get the chance, GO THERE!

Can you tell I loved all the upholstered furniture?! It's Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams and Lee Industries stuff. All great in natural linens. Yum!

I had to buy a couple of those candles. Now I just need to decide if I'm keeping them or giving them away as gifts. Hmmm....
This was a faux wood rug! Made of some foamy substance! It looks amazingly real, doesn't it? Too cool for school:

Can you believe those awesome botanicals?! I want them!! (Only $185 each!)
There were three or four of these benches upholstered in old rugs. LOVED it:

I keep promising more pics every time I post, and then I get sidetracked. (Darn that work anyway!) But I really do have some kitchen and bathroom project pics to post. I'll get to it. Some day! :)

On a personal note, I went to Kathleen's open house at school last night. They had us go through a mini-version of their day, so we spent 10 minutes in each class (Two hours of FUN!). She has an old high school friend of mine for Algebra this year. It cracks me up. It also makes me feel OLD! I used to sit in that classroom with that guy! *Sigh* I guess time just keeps on tickin' by, whether I'm ready for it or not. So far she seems to be enjoying high school. I thought there would be a more stressful transition, like there was in 6th grade, but it's been perfectly fine. I think she really matured a lot this summer. She's a good kid. And I'm a very lucky mom.


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

You could also say...I'm a good Mom, and she's a lucky kid.

Just sayin'

Fun place/area!

paintergal said...

Ditto what Linda said! :)
That store looks so cool. I love the furniture you posted pics of. Very pretty.
And that rug! How cool is that!

Country Contemporary said...

So glad you loved Hammertown (and nearby Millerton)! Sorry for being coy about identity, but I thought I'd better wait to see if you liked Hammertown as much as I do before I emerged from "anonymous local lurkdom" (and I wanted to get my own little blog started, now finally "out there," but still very much a work in progress).

Now that you've scoped out the hidden gems in northern Dutchess County, I'll suggest another excursion a bit closer to home: Classic Country, a sort of "mini-Hammertown" shop in East Chatham (just off Rt. 295 in northern Columbia County, very easy to reach from Exit B-2 of I-90). Also, check out nearby Main Streets in Chatham (Rt 66) and Valatie (Rt 203, where several cool new shops and cafes really are turning that village into a great little retail experience), and Kinderhook (more for the architecture and a few fun shops)...and, of course, they're no more than 20 minutes from the serious antiques mecca in Hudson (but you already know about that, I'm sure). Not Hammertown (not much in the way of new furniture, and there's only ONE Hammertown - well, three, actually), but a nice variety of interesting small retailers and the most gorgeous countryside around.

Enjoyed your comment on the HS/parent experience. Yes, time does keep flying by, but those life experiences are all just great fuel for the wisdom bank!


Rose - The Center of My Self said...

oooohhhh! aaaaahhhhh! Some very cool items. Do love the botanicals! I miss shopping; as soon as I get a job, it's on the list!

Glad K is adapting to HS so easily. You're both great!

The Vintage Rabbit said...

What a great store!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures!!!
hope you are doing well!!!

smiles, joy~

Kat said...

I wanna go on one of your field trips!

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