Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mini Bathroom Reno

OK, so in July, right before my sister came up from Florida to see my house for the very first time, I did a little renovating. My bathroom is really a sad case. It needs to be gutted, and I need to start over, but until I hit the lottery, we're just going to have to make do with mini-renos. I had bought my new faucet before I even moved in here in April of '08. And it sat tucked in the bathroom next to the toilet for just over a year, before I finally handed the box to BF and batted my eyelashes and said "Pretty pleeeeease will you install this today while Kathleen and I go to the mall?" Snort. Seriously. That's how it went down. And then he said "I don't want to." And I said "I know," knowing full well that he would do it, despite his complaints. is my old faucet:
Um...yeah...I guess it was kinda tricky for him to get it off of there...
Oh, well, before you see the "afters" of the new faucet, you have to see my awesome wallpaper that I got for $1 at a garage sale. I glued it to the inside of that medicine cabinet with some Elmer's, because I couldn't put my hands on my spray adhesive at the time:
This floor was sheet vinyl. Last year, I painted over the sheet vinyl with cream paint, to cover all the original overall crappiness and paint splatters, and because I was having a little party and couldn't have people peeing in there with blue paint on the floor. So this next time around, I used my leftover peel-and-stick tiles from Lowes, and put them right over the sheet vinyl. This whole floor, including the subfloor, needs to come up at some point, because the toilet is tiny, and the floor is saggy and weird. All in time. But in the mean time, this doesn't look half bad, right?:
Et new faucet! Isn't it PURTY?!
I had painted the vanity white last year (it was originally scary old wood), and then I painted it brown and put new hardware on it a few months after that. I swear, it's like every time I'm having another party or gathering, I throw some spit polish on the bathroom. I had hung that little shelf between the mirror and the sink a while ago too. It holds guest towels, and a candle:
I had put up a really pretty green shower curtain a while back when the floor was cream, but when I laid the new tile, that shower curtain looked like crud. I bought this lovely banded, lined one at Target for $30. Nice.
This is what the bathroom looked like when I moved in. Eeeeew.
Hanging the big vintage mirror on that wall immediately made the room feel wider, which is good, 'cause it ain't wide. At all. As you can see. *sigh* I'd love to have two bathrooms some day too. I'll put that on my list.
Stay tuned...I've got my kitchen shelf pictures to show you too! I put them over the stove, to the left of my awesome vintage window cabinets. The kitchen feels MUCH more finished now.


Diane said...

I'm not making one single nice comment on the changes you've made in the bathroom (though we all know you're a whiz for making such small changes have such a large impact) until you post the kitchen pics. Nope, not one. Nada. Zip. Zilch. ;-)

Rose - The Center of My Self said...

Did you just see Diane cross her arms, stamp her little foot and utter a "harumpf!"? I guess she really wants to see kitchen pics, so you'd better get hopping on that, Sharona - lol!

Totally digging the way-cool wallpaper. Great find! Love the floor re-do, too. I need a gut job on my bathroom, but no-can-do for a while, so I'm enjoying seeing your mini-updates. The faucet is beautimous! 1000 times better than the previous one. (I strongly dislike my faucet.) Great shower curtain; looks much more expensive!

paintergal said...

I totally hear ya on the need-to-gut-the-bathroom saga. Ours too!
In fact, our new sink is sitting in a box in the basement (and has been since we moved in 21 months ago) just waiting for the day Mr. decides it's time to redo the bathroom.
That's one room I don't feel capable of tackling.
Love your new faucet. What brand is it? We'll need to get a new one if we ever install the new sink. But since I haven't seen the sink for almost two years, I can't remember what finish it needs.
Hmm, you've given me the idea I could do a mini update on the bathroom knowing that it wouldn't be permanent. I have leftover Lowe's self-stick tiles too. I could paint the vanity that's there...
Might make the room nicer to live with for now.
Wow! Never even considered that before. I guess because I am hoping for a remodel. Thanks for the idea!

Diane said...

Yes, Rose, I'm pouting. And I'm STILL waiting. Sigh . . . does Sharon think she should have a LIFE or something? While we sit here and WAIT? I swear I don't know what gets into that girl sometimes. Tsk, tsk, tsk . . .

dec0r8or said...

Diane, I do believe you now owe me some nice bathroom comments, since I've posted my kitchen pics. ;)

Carol, the faucet is Price Pfister. I think I picked it up at a Grossman's outlet for $60 or so. It's so long ago, I can't remember. I just know it was a bargain.

Also, you should TOTALLY go for a mini-reno in your bath. I figure if I wait around until I have enough money to do things the way I REALLY want them, I'll be waiting until Hell freezes over. So I do what I can, when I can. It keeps me happy. :)

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