Thursday, November 06, 2008

Yard Man

This is an early morning sun-on-the-trees over the frosty field picture.   Again, you'll need to click it to get the full effect.  Have I mentioned lately that I love it here? *sigh* 
Oops...I'm sorry...did you click through my title thinking you were going to see my "yard man" BF  doing yard work?  Ha!  No such luck!  But he DID buy us this awesome riding mower for the yard!  See all those leaves?  They're all over my yard, too!  And I've already ridden all over the yard and mowed 'em up!  I am SO pleased!  Mowing the lawn took about half the time, and was TWICE as much fun with my Yard Man!  :)  Kathleen wants to do it--but I may have to hoard this thing all for myself.  After all, it was ME who spent two hours clearing a spot for it in the garage the other day.  I deserve the reward, right?  :)


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Never get enough of your gorgeous, serene views!

And YUH! You get to ride the new big boy....till you tire of it,THEN you give someone else the chance!

KARIN said...

The man who lived across the street from me in my old neighborhood used to drive around and steal bagged leaves from the curb and "mow" them in to his front lawn. He did it year 'round. He had the greenest, healthiest grass you have ever seen. Good for you. I'd probably kill somebody if I drove that thing ;)

Amber said...

COOL lawn mower but yep...very disappointed in the lack of beefcake eye candy photos! :-)

What a GREAT property you have, girlie! So well deserved!

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