Thursday, November 06, 2008

I've Been Remiss

As I'm reading through the blogs of my bloggy friends, I'm realizing that many of you are at least mentioning the election.  I tend to get all caught up in my own head and forget to put that "stuff" out there for y'all to read.  I like to keep it fairly light here at Serendipity.  Hell, I like to keep things fairly light in my "real" life, too, although often that is easier said than done.

 I hate to get political, because I respect the fact that many of us have differing opinions.  In fact, that realization practically slapped me in the face when I was talking to my ex husband the other night on the phone--talk about polar opposites politically!  (I had to cut that conversation short before I started  I'm also aware that some of my regular readers have very different views from my own.  And I'm OK with that!  (((I love you guys!)))

All I'd like to say here today is that for the first time in many years, I walked out of that voting booth (with Kathleen at my side) with a smile on my face, knowing that change was afoot--no matter WHICH way the cookie crumbled.  I was proud to be an American--free to vote for my choice of leader.

Congratulations, Barack Obama.  I hope you can lead this country the way we are all praying you can.  (And heck, I'm not even the prayin' kind! LOL!)  It's a new era, people.  Let's embrace it--together!


Amber said...

Sharon, I didn't vote for Obama, but I am very proud that our country has demonstrated it is willing and able to elect an African-American. I made sure my kids stayed up late to watch his speech.

I, for one, am more uncomfortable with Nancy Pelosi in the House than I am Obama in the White House. I find her to be a partisan shrill, but I'll leave it at that. I do believe Obama has the potential to heal and move this country forward and I am putting a lot of trust and hope that he will do that. I am also hoping that considering he had to move considerably toward the center in order to be elected, that he will remember more centrist policies while in office. (I consider myself a centrist!)

Lastly, I'll say this and then shut up. I refuse to spend the next 4 to 8 years bashing my president at home and abroad; resenting his presence; blaming him for every human failure in the world; and basically setting him up for failure. I feel like a LOT of Americans have done this over the past 8 years, esp the last 4. I am a big fan of democracy and free speech, but the concept of Loyal Opposition seems to have been lost in this country. I refuse to be that way. It is my greatest heartfelt wish that Obama will go down in history as a great president. I look forward to seeing what he will deliver!

Amber said...

PS--I really like Michelle Obama! Don't agree with all of her politics, but can't help but like and respect her. She has stated one of her priorities as first lady will be to encourage policies to support military families. Amen! I think that's great.

Rose said...

I agree with everything Amber said - lol! Except about Michelle, but I can always change my mind. She's a bit too divisive (chip on her shoulder) right now for me, but she's a smart woman, a good wife and mom and I hope she evolves.

Vilifying one person for all the world's ills is wrong; we have a Federal government with three branches, a system of checks and balances. The presidency is not a dictatorship; any blame or credit is to be shared by the entire government.

I pray for wisdom and good heart for our new president and I extend my respect, honor and gratitude for the great service and accomplishments of John McCain, now and in the future. I'm a bit relieved, actually, that he'll be accorded the respect he deserves rather than be a punching bag for the malcontents and the media he might have been if elected.

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