Friday, November 21, 2008

Dream State

Have you ever had a dream about someone in your life who has died? You know--where they sort of show up and interact with you? I have, and most times, my conscious mind will butt in and think to itself "Hey, you're supposed to be dead! What are you doing here?" I wake up from those dreams and view them as "visits" from my family and friends who have passed. (Go ahead--roll your eyes.)

The other night, though, I had a dream about someone who was once in my life who is still alive! It wasn't just a regular dream, either. It felt like one of those dead-person-visit dreams, in that I haven't seen this person for years, and we haven't communicated with each other in a very long time. His appearance had changed somewhat, but the demeanor was there, and the way he used to make me feel when he looked at me was still there. (NO, it wasn't a dirty dream!) I've had dreams about this person before, but never one that felt almost like a psychic outreach--like this person was reaching into my brain and talking to me. OMG I sound like a psycho, don't I?

I'm sure this dream could be analyzed in any number of ways, and I'm sure you'll all tell me that I have unresolved issues. And yeah, I get that. I'm just wondering if any of you have had this sort of dream as well? It was peaceful...sort of a silent visit between old friends.

On another note entirely, have y'all ever dyed your own hair? I'm a convert to ION from Sally's Beauty Supply. This stuff is AWESOME. It's plastered all over my head at this moment, in fact. It doesn't stink, it doesn't sting, and it leaves my hair silky and shiny. The best part is that you buy it in bulk, sort of. I bought a tube of the color, and a bottle of the activator, and I think I got four or five colorings out of it. I'm now working on my second tube of coloring, with the same bottle of activator. I used to spend about $11/month on L'Oreal hair color, and now I think it averages out to about $4/month, with a much more natural looking result. (And let me tell ya'...I am GRAY beyond my years, people!)

Sorry about the random weirdness of this post. Sometimes my brain just has a cramp, and I have to uncramp it. Forgive me!


Anonymous said...

I've had similar dreams in the past.

It must be something important that man has to say to you and your dream tried to bring it up to you. Not necessarily the real person but something you are trying to say to yourself through that person.

suzette said...

Sharon, I think the best part is that you felt peaceful. I couldn't tell you the last time that I remembered a dream that I had-so, no help there.

Speaking of Sally's ... I was there last week. I remembered you mentioning this haircolor from there, but not the brand. :-? Here's my Sally's experience. Me to the young clerk... "Could you help me choose a shade and can I ask you about this hairdye?" "Sure!" So, we go to the display, and she's thumbing through the browns-picks an ash brown. I tell her that I was told in the past to avoid ash shades, that they'd turn my hair green-she says she didn't THINK so. They used a similar shade on a woman in cosmetology school last week and she didn't turn green..... :-O I'm going to see if my receipt is with my stuff. Ion. Got it.

Brenda Susan said...

Could the hair stuff be giving you the weird dreams?? Just asking! Ha!

maitlandmommy said...

no way do i roll my eyes on the dream stuff - i read tarot for people and i get plenty of eye rolls. :-)

I wish i could do a good job of coloring and highliting my own hair - but i haven't found anything that really works on my hair. I wonder if they do highlite kits?

SarahWhite said...

But of course you will get more beautiful by shopping at Sally's! My friend told me to go in there...I did...I was overwhelmed. The young girl working had no idea what she was talking about or what would work for me. So, I left. My friend has promised to go back with me. That was forever ago. Same experience as Suzette. I'll try again...:) Remember...Sally's = beauty. LOL.

Renovation Therapy said...

I totally think those dreams are unexplainable visits.

Rose said...

Not rolling my eyes, either. I'm a woo-woo myself! Used to hide it until a good friend told me to embrace it and I'm much happier and content doing so instead of denying the Truth that my spirit shows me. We each have our own journey.

How wonderful that you get these visits! And incredible to have one from a friend who's still here physically. I don't think you have any "issues." We are only here in an earthly form for a very short, very temporary time. Our true nature is in Spirit, and our Spirit-selves have a powerful energy that is so much greater than our physical selves, so why wouldn't that energy appear to you in dreams? When we're awake, we often deny our inner woo/Spirit because that darned "rational" mind tells us to. When we're asleep and our rational mind is shut down, then we can really soar and connect on a more spiritual level.

How beautiful that you got that visit with an old friend!

dec0r8or said...

Thanks for your support of my weirdness, kids! I can always count on you guys to mame me feel normal. Ha! Rose, I'll have to learn to embrace my inner "woo" eh?

Sally, of COURSE Sally's = Beauty! You know it, woman!

Suzette, your Sally's trip sounds much like mine. I think they basically cater to people who know what they are doing--you know--proFESSIONALS! Therefore the help doesn't need to know ANYthing. I basically stood there and read every box and label and chart and figured it all out myself. You should have seen me the first time I used the dye. It goes on like a white paste, and takes a long time to turn brown...I kept thinking that I was for sure going to be a blond by the time I was done. SCARY! I like the cream, though...much better than the drippy L'Oreal stuff. It sticks to your hair better. Oy...enough about hair dye. I'm having psychic (psycho?!) dreams!

KARIN said...

I was so ready to write something all profound and supportive and then I read Rose's post....God, don't you love her. She's so woo woo in the best way.

My dead grandmother came and sat with me in the days after I had each of my children. I felt her presence so strongly that I actually would turn the baby around so that she could see. Weird, I know. She came, though. I am absolutely certain. I totally believe your dream stuff. Totally.

Amber said...

Maybe it's the hair dye that's going to your brain?!? ;-)

No, seriously, I've had 2 or 3 of these "visits" in my life (from deceased people) and while I'm not normally a "woo-woo" type of gal, I am pretty sure these were "visits" of some sort. What they are is less important, though, than what it means to you and how you react to it. Did the visit from the live guy make you feel better or worse? Is there some unfinished business you need to settle?

About the hair: I tried highlighting my hair at home several years ago but haven't in ages. With light blonde hair, it's tricky sometimes. It grabs color weird, goes brassy easily and now that I've got gray mixed in, it's even more bizarre. So, until the budget just can't take it no mo', I pay to have my hair done!

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