Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Naked House

This picture was taken in June of this year, I think. See the tree right at the edge of my front step? It was actually SCREWED into the steps, and if it had gotten any bigger, was going to be a problem. Also, there was a tree right behind that one, on the corner of the house, which was hitting the corner of the roof, and smushing the flashing, etc.
So...I called my good friend Dwight, who is a master of the chainsaw, and had him cut down those two trees, as well as two in the rock wall garden (at the corner of the garage), and two more brushy-looking-uglies in the front yard. What a day! Below is the back of his truck before we had filled it up. We filled up his, AND BF's truck with wood, and brought it to my friend Pat's house (Dwight's in-laws) for firewood.
Dwight said, "Hey, this is a win-win! They get firewood, and you get your trees chopped down!" --to which I replied: "Yeah, and you're the only one NOT winning, Dwight! All I can offer for payment is sexual favors!" Hee! Poor Dwight...he's known me for years...he can handle it. I'm so bad. I did tell him I could think of worse ways to spend a Sunday morning than watching a handsome stud chop down my trees with a chainsaw. Hellloooo!

Naked house. *sigh* It looks weird now! I can see some serious gardening in my future now, though, since there aren't any trees filling things in out front. Oh, and the garage will DEFINITELY need to be painted in the spring now. Without the trees hiding it, it's U.G.L.Y.

So when we went to Pat's, we had to check out her neighboring cows and llamas...

...and of course Kathleen had to talk to Gus and the donkeys. Those donkeys are SO sociable!

So since last I wrote, I read "The Amateur Marriage" by Ann Tyler (I LOVE her writing), I saw my niece Madeline in her Princess and the Pea school play, which was really quite delightful, I turned down a job for a guy who wanted to pay me $1500 less than what I had estimated the job to cost (helloo...I don't work for free), welcomed BF home after a week in Tennessee, visited my best friend's mother in the hospital, where she has just been weaned from a ventilator after almost three weeks post-op (scary), and was relieved at the news that my father came through HIS carotid artery surgery with flying colors. It's been a stressful couple of weeks, and today I top it off with what would have been my mother's 69th birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom, wherever you may be!


PAT said...

Lovely post! Your home is so cute!

Sorry to hear of your stressful time. Hope things go more smoothly, now.

Did you know the author Michael Lee West, is the one and only Gollum, of Designs by Gollum blog (on my sidebar)? You might want to check it out. She's writing some nifty little stories about her books. Interesting. I have a few of her books. Just purchased them, after learning who the author is.

Rose said...

How pretty the front of your house looks, all opened up and fresh-faced now! Great architectural features with those tops windows and the entry arch - cool! How nice to know that someone can make use of all that firewood.

Great news about your dad's surgery and about your friend's mom getting off the ventilator. Blessings, indeed. And happy birthday blessings to your blessed mom!

Brenda Susan said...

I love your house, it is totally beautiful! I would kinda miss the trees too but can't let them stay & hurt your house huh?

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Awww. Happy Birthday to dear ole Mom! I actually think of her often...though I never met her. Remind me to send you the video of her old car all done up in a pimp my ride spoof!

House looks lovely. You don't have a fireplace to use some of that wood?

Amber said...

Wow, girl, you have had quite a week! Nice that you got some he-man eye candy and the trees taken care of!

That beautiful "Naked House" is makin' your mom smile, Sharon!

dec0r8or said... guys are so great. I've been such a slacker in the blog-visiting department lately, and here you guys are, visiting and posting on mine. I appreciate your loyalty!

Pat, I did not know that Gollum was an author! I'll have to check out her link on your blog.

Linda, you MUST send me that video! I love Pimp My Ride! LOL! I can imagine that Mom's car made a great specimen for the spoof! And sadly, no, I don't have a fireplace--which is probably a good thing. I'd never get anything done around here if I had a warm fire to curl up in front of! :-/

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