Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Invisible Friends

I have a lot of "invisible" friends whom I've known for years through the wonder of the internet. I believe I've known Lori since about 2001, when I joined a decorating forum and she was a member. The forum used to have a chat feature, which was a great way to get to know forum members better, and Lori was always in there, chatting away, and we had some great conversations.

She lives in Altadena, CA, where she runs Webster's Fine Stationers with her husband Scott. Scott is a renovation superman, and has done SO much with their gorgeous house, inside and out. (I suppose Lori has helped too...lol) Maybe Lori will start her own blog (besides her store blog) where she can share pictures of her gorgeous kitchen and fabulous yard.

Anyway, Lori was kind enough to post some great pictures from her store on the forum about two weeks ago, and I jumped on some bee items from the Mary Carol Garrity collection she's carrying. I love bees, and have a small collection of them, and "Bee" is also a nickname of mine (long story) so when I saw this tray and the box, I had to have them. Lori was kind enough to pack them up and ship the across the country for me. Isn't she awesome? :)
I keep threatening that one day I'll make it to California, and she says I have an open invitation, so hey--you never know!! Thanks Lori!


suzette said...

Love yer bees, and yeah, Lori and Scott are quite the team. They rawk!

Sharon, I am loving your home-sweet-home pictures. Just lovin' them. :-)

sandra/tx said...

I've met Lori and Scott, and they RAWK! I sure wish I could've seen their kitchen IRL. It's awesome, isn't it?

I love the bee box. Hmmm... I need to go back and take a look at their store again.

Congrats on your house. It's looking great!

Debbie Egizio said...

What a beautiful bee tray and box! I love bee themed things too! Blog friends are so wonderful aren't they! ;)

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Ive also met Lori and Scott...toured their lovely home too. Lucky me! The kitchen is even better in RL!
ii...I got that bee tray but I didnt even see the boxes. Looks like they are being put to good use at your house. Mine are safely tucked away until this remodel is over.

PAT said...

Lori's home is gorgeous..they have done amazing work!

I knew when I saw that box, you'd been shopping at Lori's. I have that same box. I put it on the secretary the other day. I got mine at Nell Hill's. I feel a need to return to that store or go shopping at Lori's.

Have a great week, Sharon!

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