Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Construction Junction

Well, you asked for it, so here it is! My kitchen/woodshop. This is actually a cleaned up version, if you can believe it. BF tends to drop a tool wherever he last used it. It's my job to follow behind and try to keep things somewhat organized, so when he says "Where's the hammer?" I'll be able to put my hands on it.
We were thinking about using that cove molding in the corners, but now we're just going to caulk the corners and skip the molding. It'll look much more seamless that way. Note the stained woodwork that hasn't gotten its first coat of paint. I can't wait to get everything painted out. Even with one shabby coat of white, it's SO much brighter in the kitchen.
Note the new apron under that window over the sink. BF broke the old one when pulling it off to get the wainscoting on. I had to laugh, because he was busting on me for putting the backs of some of the cabinets on backwards. WhatEVER.
My new sink! Yay! My new faucet! Yay! New countertop! Yay!
New plumbing! Yay! Thank GOD I have BF to do this stuff. I could have done all the beadboard and trim, but the plumbing is beyond me. I mean, look at that mess. WTH? He even managed to figure out why the dishwasher wasn't draining properly. I bought it from someone from Craigslist about three months ago, so I didn't even know if the thing was going to work at all. I lucked out! $75 well spent!
I like the cap molding I picked out. What a pain, though, because it doesn't come with a lip to go over the top edge of the paneling. So there is a flat 1.5" piece of wood behind it that pushes it out so it goes over the egde of paneling. An ingenious solution, figured out by me, executed by BF. :)

My new dishwasher! Yay!! (The stove is new too, but the dishwasher is much more exciting, don't you think?)
Last night, when BF was getting irritated with some of my ball-busting, he said..."Go over there and hold those two wires together, will ya'?" Har. Good thing I'm not a dummy. Or I'd be dead.


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

OMG...OMG...I am so excited...you would think it was my kitchen! I am such a re-do junky!!

LOVE it...I can see what an improvement the white is! And the sink/faucet/counter/dishwasher look FANTABULOUS!! Hee...I put some backs on backward too!

Fun, fun fun. If you are getting drawers, spend the few extra bucks and get the soft glide mechanisms...amazing, and simple imple to install.

Cannot WAIT to see this finished beauty!!

Debbie Egizio said...

Wow! It's coming along great! Such wonderful pieces. I can't wait to see how it will look when completed!

Rose said...

wowza! I love progress pics! Gives me a view of things that I never get to see AND gives me more of an appreciation of the work involved. Indeed, you are very lucky to have BF to do this with you! Love, love, love the sink!

sandra/tx said...

Your kitchen is looking SO good! Can't wait to see the finished product. I love your countertops and sink, btw.

paintergal said...

Looking good! I have some of that scary wiring in my house too. Good thing my FIL is an electrician! Keep the progress pics coming.

paintergal said...

Oh, I just read down further. You've accomplished quite a bit! Congrats~
Doesn't it feel good to get those things done? I'm with you on doing nothing for a break. That's my mantra the past couple of days. Jane Austen and I have a standing date. :)

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