Sunday, July 13, 2008

Naked Kitchen

So yesterday morning I said to BF: "You know, since we had such a work-filled weekend last week, why don't we take it easy this weekend? The only thing I'd really like to get done is to put the new kitchen sink faucet in, and the new bathroom faucet. What do you think?" And his reply was: "Well, wouldn't you rather get that dishwasher in?" and I of course replied "Well, of COURSE I would LOVE for the dishwasher to be in, but in order for that to happen, we need to replace the countertops."
So without going into how my logic works, suffice it to say that in order to install a dishwasher, Kathleen and I went to Paramus , NJ (2 hour drive) to IKEA and bought four new base cabinets, a new sink, and new countertops for the kitchen. Oh, and a shoe rack for my closet. But I digress.
So while we were gone, BF pulled out all of the old cabinets, and ripped the "tile" paneling off of the walls. I got home and said "So, is the dishwasher hooked up or what?!" *sigh* No dishwasher. But I did get a naked kitchen!
We put together one of the cabinets last night, and he did one this morning. They're pretty simple. Next, when it stops raining, we need to go buy beadboard for the walls. Then we can install the cabinets, then the dishwasher, then the countertops, then the sink, and the faucet. Oh, and when that's all done, I can put in the new floor and paint the walls.
So much for my quick and easy kitchen reno. Oh well. It had to get done sooner or later.
I'm just TIRED today, and I don't feel like working. Is that lame? (Don't answer that.) BF deserves a day off too, doesn't he? So don't hold your breath for the "afters". IKEA didn't even have my door and drawer fronts, so I have to go back to the Elizabeth, NJ IKEA and pick those up in a couple of weeks.
I won't even tell you about the dried up mice carcasses that BF unearthed when ripping out the cabinets. Eeeew. I think we'll seal up some holes.


Linda B. said...

Okay then. They certainly used copious amounts of glue!! Geez Louise!!

Whad'a BF. I think I need ME a BF! Big pat on his back from me...that is dirty, heavy gross work dismantling old cabinets.

So, spill Sister S!! What goodies did you pick up at ole' IKEA?? Which cabinet style, which faucet, which sink??? A girl has gotta know...ya know!

PAT said...

Holy Cow Sharon!! I've been missin' out!!

Just got caught up at Serendipity and loved every minute of it, right down to the mouse carcasses!

Have a great week. I posted my 200th entry this morning. Cannot believe it!!

Have a great week!

PAT said...

PS: What is that, you are using for your background? It's gorgeous, whatever it is.

Anonymous said...

ooooooo Sharon youve done it now!!! No going back. Its onward to the finish line. I miss my dishwasher....very much. Three months without and it feels like three years. I hope you dont have to wait three months for yours! Im going to have fun watching you and BF work!

suzette said...

:-O !!! This is going to be fun to watch. I heart your BF. ;-) It sure is a mess, but look on the bright cooking or cleaning for a while! lol... ;-)

dec0r8or said...

I wish, Suzette. I can still plug in the stove, and now I'm just relegated to cleaning dishes in the tiny bathroom sink! Argh! LOL! This had all better happen FAST is all I have to say. :-/

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