Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Lidingo Ate My Kitchen!

EDIT and UPDATE for those of you coming via a Google link: see some "during/after" pics here. We're still working on it!

Sorry about the title of this post...I just couldn't resist! Hee! Lidingo is the name that IKEA has given my chosen door front for my cabinets. It's their most traditional looking door, IMO, and as much as I was LOVING the red glass-front modern cabinets, they just weren't going to happen in this house. Maybe when I get that pied-a-terre in NYC someday....heh. I can't get the handles to post for some reason, and it's driving me nuts. I'm using the Takta handles, in brown/black. They are wood, and long and linear. I'm hoping they will add a little contemporary flair to my otherwise traditional kitchen. My original plan was to use oil-rubbed bronze bin pulls, but then I saw those and changed my mind. I hope I was right!!
This is the Boholmen sink I'm using, which I love for its retro feel, and because even though I am going to have a dishwasher, I know that I'll be hand washing dishes as well. I bought my faucet at Grossman's outlet a couple months ago, and it looks great with the sink. It's a brushed nickel finish. It's not awesome like some of those commercial faucets at IKEA, but hey, I'm not made of money either!!

This is the Pragel stone effect black countertop that I'm using. I love it. We put it in for a dry run over the white, and it's awesome. I'm still waiting on the doors for my cabinets, though. They didn't have them in stock at the Paramus store, and I have to pick them up at the Elizabeth store in a few weeks. I'm hoping that BF will have the sink hooked up in the next day or two, and once the sink goes in, the dishwasher can get hooked up, right?! Yay!! But of course first, he is cutting the beadboard paneling and getting that put up. Yesterday I slapped a coat of white paint over all of the stained trim around the windows and the doors. What a difference! It's so much brighter in there now. LOVE it. No pics yet--the place is a wreck. I'll keep you posted!!


suzette said...

Yer killin' me woman! My dream sink has always been the ones with the drainboard built in! I can not WAIT to see this put together. Heck, *I* want to see the wreck pictures too! I am so, SO excited for you-it's going to look amazing. JUST AMAZING! I LOVE your cottage!!! :-D

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Oh. Oh. Oh. LOVE those choices! One of my fave sinks...PERFECT with your cottage! Did you get drawers? Or pull outs in the cabs? You are sooo going to love fresh new cabinets!

This is SOO fun!!

PAT said...

It's looking soooo good! I love that sink and all the rest, you've shown!


Karen-OH said...

I love in-progress pictures. I can't believe you won't snap just one for us ... pleeease.

Rose said...

Great choice on the handles! (I looked them up.) The sink, too; even with a dishwasher, some things have to be handwashed anyway. I'm going to have to check out Ikea's countertops; mine will have to be redone soon.

Oh, please show us "wreck" pics, too; that's reality: gotta wreck and reduce things to bring out the beauty in the end.

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