Tuesday, October 26, 2010

John Derian

Damn he's cute, isn't he? I don't think he's batting for my team, though. Shame, that.

Have you all seen John Derian's decoupage work? I'm in love!
(Click below to enlarge the pics.)

Imagine my surprise when I came across this page on his website. He's selling TREE FUNGUS for anywhere from $140-$350!! The "artist's" name is Mark St. Clair, and the tree fungi are "kiln dried and mounted for easy hanging." I had to laugh, because ONLY someone who lives in a city and has never taken a drive through the woods would possibly BUY one of these things, would they?! I mean, I just drove by a tree with four of them on it the other day! It just kills me, the stuff people will pay money for.

Of course, this IS a post about little pieces of paper glued to the back of glass plates, so I'm one to talk. Heh. I'm thinking that instead of breaking the bank and actually buying one of these things, I should try my hand at it myself. What do you think? Good craft idea?
I love this hosta:

And I'm *swooning* at this cloche:

....and this compote:

...and this one:

...and this one:

And it all started, once again, from an email in my inbox, with a photo of a linen chair. What's up with the marketing ploys? Is someone out there reading my mind? I had no idea John Derian sold furniture. (You can get it at the Hammertown Barn if you're in upstate NY. That's who sent me the email.) So that's what prompted me to head to his website and rip off all the pics for my blog post today. :)

Can you stand it? I love the lines of that stuff!!
So THEN, when I was looking at what was new in my blog list to the right, Catherine Nolin had posted another painting, and it was a gorgeous chair! I love chairs. And her paintings are bright, happy, and lovely:

See how one thing just leads to another in my world? I need to stop surfing so much! I just keep seeing more things I WANT. I guess the good news is, I've always been good at window shopping, and resisting the urge to spend money I don't have. Well, for the most part anyway.

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Diane/WM said...

Love John's stuff . . . but I'm not hip enough to have it in my house without looking contrived. You should TOTALLY take your own spin on his things and start your own line!

dec0r8or said...

Yeah, right, Diane. I'll get right on that. Heh. I was just thinking of making a piece or two for MYSELF, and then maybe if they came out well, gift them to some friends. :) And you are TOTALLY hip enough to have one of those pieces in your house, woman!

Rose - The Center of My Self said...

I'm even less hip: I've not heard of him. But then I don't really travel in decor circles much. Nice stuff, though! Interesting about the fungi. How does one dust mounted and hung fungi? For me, a lot of decor comes down to that: how to dust. I just ain't a classy lady - lol!
Do you remember years ago on GI when simply EVERYONE was decoupaging thin patterned napkins on the backs of glass plates? I remember thinking it was so cool and going to look for napkins, but I never followed through.

dec0r8or said...

I followed through, Rose! I decoupaged some compotes with napkins for my friends Kelly and Jennifer. I hated the way they came out--the napkins were VERY fragile, and I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't even take pictures of them--but they both came in and saw them and really liked 'em, so off they went with their new compotes. I think I'll try it again next time with clip art from a book, which would be sturdier than the napkins, and thus leave less room for me to screw it up. :)

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