Monday, October 25, 2010

Cool Autumn in NY

Tess wasn't up for posing, but Kathleen was! :)
She's really an indoor cat, but both Kathleen and BF insist on bringing her out for little outings, which on this day, involved Tess running under the neighbor's porch, and Kathleen looking at ME like I was supposed to do something! I said "Go GET her!" Geez. Don't look at me with that stuff. I told them both to keep the darn cat INSIDE. Whatever.
Nobody listens to me around here.

I love this shot I got of Kathleen standing in a bunch of cattails. I thought it was cool that her hair matched the grasses, and the way she looked right at the camera--perfect!
....and then she ran away...hee!

The other morning, there was frost on the field as the sun was coming up and hitting the tips of the trees. I love the ever-changing landscape around here. Just a few weeks ago, the field wasn't mowed, and the grasses and wildflowers were tall and glowing at sunset.

I am going to try to work with purpose this week, and see if I can pull myself out of my funk.
Wish me luck!

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