Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gorgeous Grasscloth

Ok, since my last post about linen got everyone all excited, and the one I did yesterday about how fall depresses me got NOBODY excited, I thought I'd go back to my decor musings.
I'm dying to do grasscloth wallpaper somewhere in my house. The dining room seems like the most logical place.
Nobody really sees my hallway to the upstairs except me and Kathleen, so that's probably out...
...although this little landing looks an AWFUL lot like my stair well...hmmmm....maybe just on that one wall?

I think the little settee and the wood cabinet got me more excited about this photo than the actual wallpaper did:
Do I have a nook? I need a nook!
I like the idea of popping it with color....so perhaps grasscloth in the DR with my red bamboo chairs in there instead of in the kitchen?
Another nook!
Hmmmm....I COULD put it in my bedroom...would look great with what I already have going on in there, don't you think?
Although I would never have the guts to do this myself, I'm loving this Phillip Jeffries
green grasscloth:
Hey Sally...when you send me my other four bamboo chairs (hee!) I could paint them all white and it would look like this!:
If I had lots of money and a way bigger DR, I'd love upholstered chairs. But that's never happening. That chandelier, however, is sort of what I want to do with my existing POS brass chandelier. My plan is to buy the parts for a drum shade, wrap it in linen, and install it over the brass chandelier--having painted the brass chandelier a fun color first, of course:
It's on my list. My never-ending list. *sigh*

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WM/Diane said...

Funny how things cycle . . . I remember when Grasscloth was "in" the first time around, and how everyone couldn't WAIT to get rid of it. :-\ It seems more sophisticated this time around, and if anyone can use it as an accent wall kind of thing it is you, Sharona. You SO have "the touch".

dec0r8or said...

Aw! Thanks, Diane! It's good to see you around these parts again! I think posting these pictures has inspired me, because I FINALLY finished my LR wing chair (recliner!!) slipcover, which snowballed into furniture-rearranging, and picture-hanging and whatnot. Before you know it, I might actually go out and buy some of that grasscloth!!

Country Contemporary said...

Go Grassy, Girl! No, seriously, I remember when it was trendy initially (well, most recently) since I think it was trendy back in the 30s and again in the 80s, wasn't it? Still, it gives a nice, comfortable feeling to a room. Don't laugh, but I have upholstered dining room chairs and a Thomas Kincaide 3-light antiqued brass chandelier with a pleated fabric drum shade that I bought at Ocean State Job Lots for $20! (Not linen, but close!) Installed it over the wooden table in the sale house kitchen dining area because I'm taking with me the light that was there, but the realtor insisted I take it out because it was too dated! (Um, it was brand new and rather nice, so I don't get that!) Maybe if I'd painted it oil-rubbed bronze she'd have liked it better...lol.

So go for the grass cloth and whatever lighthing makes you smile. Life is too short not to!


lila said...

this post is fabulous Sharon!
love,love,love your blog!

SarahWhite said...

Hey Sharon...

"I" enjoyed your drivel on Inertia...I go through spells like that myself. Thank goodness you are not going to kick BF to the curb...I got nervous for a second. :)

Gorg pictures you posted. They all made me happy. I love my chairs...not so much that they are kind of wobbly though. And you'd be proud...I've got 1 out of 4 recovered...and none painted. I'm sloooooooooow like that. I saw a faux bamboo desk today in the palest shade of...I dunno...khaki maybe? Oh I so want that desk. No place for it though. Do the grasscloth somewhere...and that drum chandy thing too. Great ideas...can't wait to see them all.

And I happen to like that you are re-posting pictures from the internet...no problems with that here!

And in closing...I cannot believe how much your sweet girl has grown...she is a classic beauty...so lovely to look at. :)

Anonymous said...

I loved the look of grasscloth and the texture, the first time I saw it, many years ago. I would love to find a place for a bit of an accent. But, I made a pact with J about wallpaper. Maybe I will negotiate just one wall...we'll see.

These images are fabulous. I know I have always said I will use my own photos till the cows come home, but after all these years and posts, I am thinking of adding a few from elsewhere, now and then, just because.

dec0r8or said...

Leslie, I'm not laughing--oh wait--yes I am! I'm laughing at your realtor telling you to take down a brand new fixture! Oh well. At least you can bring it to the new place, right?!

Lila, thanks for visiting! I've added your blog to my reader so I can go back and visit you. :)

Sal....ohh....a bamboo desk? *swoon* I feel your pain. I don't have enough room for all the cool stuff I see either. I guess we'll just have to keep living vicariously through other people's homes, eh? :)

Hey Pat, grasscloth would look GREAT on a wall in your house. You can talk J into it--I know you can! Let me know if you need help convincing him. We can start an email campaign! Lucky for me, BF doesn't much care what I do as far as decorating goes. Half the time he doesn't even NOTICE. He WAS impressed with my slipcover the other day, though. I told him that he and I do the same thing all day--only he does it out of metal, and I do it out of fabric!

Rose - The Center of My Self said...

I do love the look of grasscloth when it's done right. That subtle texture is like a delightful surprise. Oh, but it has to be done right. No uplifted edges or bits of frayed grass. (I've seen some bad grasscloth.)

The 2nd pic (hallway) has me thinking about my upstairs landing that's never been painted. Might be nice in the entire stairwell, but I fear that some future owner would be raining down curses upon my head if it wasn't their style. Speaking of stairwells, the two chairs, acrylic table and Old Masters-style painting seem a bit contrived. Do people really pause on their way up the stairs to sit?

In the settee-and-wood-cabinet pic, I love the way the grasscloth is used at the top of the wall and extended ont the ceiling! Love that!

Now I'm off to see the other post about fall ... :-D

dec0r8or said...

Oh Rose, that stairwell pic has "Showhouse" written all over it. I'm going to pretend, though, that this area is set up before a New Year's party, where the bathroom is at the top of the stairs, and this is where people pause to wait and chit-chat with their drinks in hand (or on the silly little table.) What do you think? ;) It's either that or it's a house for an old lady who can't make it up the stairs in one shot, and couldn't afford to install an elevator chair. I prefer my first story better, though.

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