Friday, May 28, 2010

Sexy Roots

...and NO, I'm not talking about my hair!
Cool, right? I took these shots when Kathleen and I were on a walk at the Audubon Preserve near us the other day. The downside of the trip? Kathleen's phone is GONE. We think she may have put it on the roof of the car to spray on some bug spray, and somebody snagged it. Big bummer. She's now using her old phone, which does NOT have a qwerty keyboard, and she is NOT happy. We're not due for new phones until January, so if anyone out there wants to send me their old Verizon phone w/qwerty keyboard, you just let me know! :-D
But the views sure were purty! This bud was an allium of some sort...almost ready to burst!
The phlox were in full bloom all over the place. They were gorgeous, and their scent was divine!
Look how far back into the woods they went!

I cropped this one so it's just cattails. Click it to see full's fun!
This was me trying to use a slower shutter speed to capture moving water. Not bad. Not great, but not bad. I had my monopod with me, but this really requires a tripod and self-timer to get it right:
So...big news! BF has been out in San Diego (installing a job at Legoland) for about a week, and he called me today and said "Want to come to California?" And I said "Hell YEAH!" Heh. His boss is flying me out for the week so we can have a mini-vacation together out there. (He's been working 7 days a week for over two months now...I've hardly seen him!)

So who am I to say no to a free trip to California, right? San Diego, here I come! If anyone has any great ideas on what to do while we're out there, let me know! (The Zoo is first on the list!) I fly out Monday afternoon. Talk about spontaneous! I feel like a wild woman! I just got back from Florida for cryin' out loud! I can always work when I get home, right? It's only bills. Whatever. :)

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Donna, The Decorated House said...

Hey Sharon~
That phlox is beautiful. I'm not sure if it grows down here, so maybe I've never even seen it before.

Have a great vacation!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Hey girl...I *may* be able to help you out with the phone. I am doing an upgrade...and so far, none of the kidlets wants my phone (LG explorer) I'll let cha know! Ps...the blue gramma car is STILL going strong for son #1!! He has it over at UF...

Have a ball in SD...say Hi to my uncle!

Diane said...

Good for you! I' know you're probably long gone but it is a well deserved break, and I know Popsie will be glad to see his gal. :-)

dec0r8or said...

Hey Diane! I just got to the airport nice and early. My plane doesn't leave for another hour and a half or so. I can't wait!

Linda, do you mean the LG Voyager?! That's what she lost! OMG Kathleen would LOVE you if you sent that puppy up here for her! I'll pay you! Pleeeeeaaaase?!

*Waving to Donna*

Country Contemporary said...

I knew I should have checked in earlier. I have family in San Diego and really enjoy visiting them when I can, so I hope you've been having a fun week out there! The zoo is neat, certainly, but I'm sure you've found a lot of fun things to see and do. Check out La Jolla up the road and the other coastal towns north of the city. Such a treat! Also, the beaches are great and the Coronado Hotel is a fascinating landmark. Want to see photos and hear all about your trip when you return!


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