Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Legoland (AKA the reason I got to go to California!)

Hi y'all! It's been a while! I don't know what happens to me. I guess I get so much going on that I don't feel like sitting down and blogging about it because it's already come and gone. But San Diego was beautiful, and I'll be sharing more pics with you over the coming days. I've decided to add them in small doses, so I don't get bloggy burnout (which I suspect may be a foregone conclusion.)

So BF works for a company in Selkirk that builds custom interactive equipment for water parks and museums. Mostly water parks. Below is the giant splash tower that I saw being built in the shop a few months ago! It's amazing to me to see a bunch of metal pipes go together and become something like this:

This is part of one of the interactive lego water tables. I saw them when they were first welded up--no paint!:
...even the adults were getting in on the action. This guy has his hands on two protrusions that had holes with water coming out the tops. When you plug up the holes, water fills the clear acrylic tubes, and eventually comes spilling out the top:
I think she was having fun with her brother!:
BF had to play too. The tube on the right filled much slower than the tube on the left. I'm pretty sure he had that fixed by the time we left. The water guns that were attached to this table were also fixed on day two. They were spraying so hard the first day they thought some kid might take a finger off! They adjusted the water pressure and voila!
Legoland wasn't ALL we saw. We went on a lovely harbor cruise one evening, watched the sunset from a couple of waterfront restaurants, went to the zoo, and I spent one day at the San Diego Botanical Gardens while BF worked at the park. Oh, and we spent a little time on the beach as well. The Pacific is beautiful!! I have lots of great pictures to share, and I will try to do so in between working and reading (which is my latest free-time pastime).

Oh, and I had a birthday last Saturday. There was a lot of patio building going on last week before my dinner party. I'll have pics of that for you too! Stay tuned!

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Diane said...

I'm so glad you got to go out there, it IS a lovely area and a great vaca for you. Looking forward to all the pics but of course once you said "patio building" I started jumping up and down in my chair. Woo Hoo!!!!!! I'll be waiting patiently . . . NOT! ;-)

dec0r8or said...

I'll get right on it, Diane....AFTER Kathleen's outdoor movie party event tomorrow night! Busy busy! :)

Diane said...

Oh, the pictures of your patio area are LOVELY, Sharona. Simply stunning, as always. Oh, wait . . . you haven't posted them yet. Bwahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa ;-p

Just kidding. . . I know you have your hands more than full. So I'll just keep waiting. Patiently. Really, I will . . .

Country Contemporary said...

Fantastic installation in LegoLand - very cool! Glad you had a great trip (how could you not) and even got your deck for the birthday! Happy Birthday, BTW! Hope to connect in the near future somewhere in the 'hood.


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