Saturday, May 22, 2010

Country Living in Upstate New York

I was driving down near Rhinebeck, NY last week, and happened upon some lovely sights as I meandered back roads, letting my GPS show me the way. I adored that front porch above, which was attached to this little house, below:
...and this looked like a little guest house.
I could spend some time there. How 'bout you?

I adore peonies. A lot. I need to get some for MY yard.

These lillies of the valley were at my sister's house. I did some playing around in Lightroom to get the effects you see:

I bought a set of rattan furniture yesterday...a couch, two chairs, and an ottoman, all with hideous fabric on them, for $50 total. I know, right? I rock! I'll post pics when I get them painted and recovered. In the meantime, it's ok to be envious. :)

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Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Those cottages are gorgeous...cornbread baking gorgeous!

Diane said...

Sigh . . .

Country Contemporary said...

Great shots - I love Rhinebeck, too. Haven't been there in a while since my pal who lived there moved to NC. Must get down there again sometime. And, what? $50 for four pieces of rattan furniture - holy wow! Can't wait to see photos of them (minus the hideous fabric...)!

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