Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Story of the Cat

So about four weeks ago or so, our (indoor) cat Puff managed to get outside. We can't imagine how on EARTH that could have happened. (It just COULDN'T have been the unlatched storm door that got left open just couldn't!) Needless to say, Kathleen was very upset, as was I. We'd had Puff for two years, and he had never even shown an interest in going outside. We looked everywhere for the poor the fields surrounding the house...down every side street. We posted "MISSING" signs in the neighborhood, and gave out our phone number to countless neighbors. Every evening if I was out driving around, I'd be scanning the corn fields for his silhouette. Nothing. He was gone.

After two and a half weeks of tear-filled "I miss Puff" and "Mommy, I NEED a kitty to cuddle with and sleep with," I broke down and called a friend of mine who volunteers for an animal rescue. She fosters cats, and then they get adopted from adoption clinics at Pet Smart. She proceeds to tell me about this sweet little one-year-old kitty that she had fostered after she had been spayed. She said she was a soft and cuddly, sweet-tempered little girl named Tess. AND she had long hair, which Kathleen just thought was GREAT! Yeah, GREAT! (Can you see me cringing?)
So we go to Pet Smart last weekend, and there's Tess, in all her grey and white tigery sweetness...sitting atop one of those cat tree the queen of the roost. Kathleen immediately says "Awwwww!" without even knowing that SHE was the cat we were going to get!

So we came home with Tess...who really IS the cutest, sweetest girl ever! She's small and dainty, and has a girly little "meow." She and Kathleen played, and then off to bed they went, happy as two clams.

That night, 4:30am. Yes, I said 4:30am. "MeoOWWWW" from somewhere outside in the dark. Again: "MeeeoooowwwWWW" "Mmmrrrrowwww!" It was a cool night, so the windows were open. "Mmmmmrrrrooooooooowwww!" I'm thinking--you're KIDDING me, right? So I wake up Kathleen and we go outside and who is hiding under the car? That's right! The prodigal Puff! We both look at each other with surprise and happiness, and Kathleen grabs Puff and heads inside. Big happy family, right? Mmmm hmmmm. It's been a trip, lemme tell ya'. Puff can't believe that some little girl has come in and tried to steal his "momma's" heart...AND his place on her bed. Kathleen has been very good about sharing the love, but there are some interesting hisses and growls and "mmmmreoerrowooeewow" chasings going on...kind of like those sound effects in the movies--you know the ones I mean--the cat screetching, and things tumbling. But slowly but surely, things are improving. If they can't be friends, I'm thinking they will most certainly learn to tolerate each other. As long as Tess stays out of Puff's food. And off Kathleen's bed. ;)


PAT said...

Sharon, that is a cute cat story. The cats are cute too, but cutest is Kathleen!

I just skimmed down your post and saw you were at a Silpada party. I bought a Silpada ring, awhile back. Didn't go to a party, just know someone who knows someone.

Thanks for coming by the back porch. I wish I lived close enough to visit Vermont in the fall. Those colors are beautiful!


Amber said...

Prodigal Puff....I love it! I am really glad he resurfaced...surely it was meant to be for you to have two kitties. Tess is a beauty!

Jen said...

That is so funny! We almost had the same thing happen to us. Our cat got out and was missing for 6 weeks. The day before I got him back we were at the humane society & I had a cat picked out and ready to come home with us when I had a change of heart. Considering we already had another cat at home, three would have put us over the edge. Our cats didn't get along so well at first but they do well now. You will all be fine. Congrats on getting your Puff back!

Greg said...

Oh, too funny!!! Well, perhaps Puff won't stray now that there's some companionship to be found within the species at home!

BTW, you are entirely too young to have such a beautiful young woman for a daughter! Have you started telling people you're sisters yet?

Anonymous said...

Puddy is really growing up. Gawd...has it been that long? Sigh.

Anonymous said...

One day a young lady named Tat
Said, “Mommy I can’t find my cat;
Please buy one for me!”
And now they have three:
There’s Puff, Tess and sweet Puddy-Tat!

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