Friday, September 28, 2007

Kathleen the Kayak Queen

I promised Kathleen-in-kayak pics, so I'll post them, even though I came home to a sticky kitchen floor tonight, and found the culprit to be said child. "I spilled some root beer, Momma. I tried to clean it up!" I'm wondering if she's heard of water, or a sponge--a mop, perhaps, or SOMEthing besides one square of paper towel?! Oy...long day today, and that was the icing on the cake. Kids.

I went to a Silpada party tonight. It's sort of a Tupperware-style jewelry party. They have some really pretty stuff, and I had all I could do to resist yet another silver ring. I'm saving up for an awesome pure silver sage leaf ring over at Etsy, so I just said "NO!" to the Silpada stuff. If you're looking to do shop-at-home party hosting for some extra cash (and free jewelry, from what I understand), check out the link. It's pretty stuff!

OK, here's a video of the champ cruising around that pool! She's a good little kayaker!

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