Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More pictures of the YMCA party

They couldn't have ordered up a more perfect day for the event.

The candlelight was gorgeous when the sun went down. Those candlesticks were on loan from another local who imports. Check out his website at . He's got some VERY fun stuff. I believe it's wholesale only, but there should be some links to retailers there. If not, let me know if you're interested in something. I might be able to hook you up!

Carmine's on the left, working his magic.

Brigit Binns--she looks a little like Martha, doesn't she?
EDIT on 12/14/08: Ok, listen. I told Brigit I would remove my reference to Martha (even though she told me not to), but now that I've come to look at this picture again, I was SO not off base, was I? LOL! Brigit's hair is very different now, and when you meet her for real, she's really nothing like Martha. But let's get real, people! Look at that pic above! (Sorry, Brigit! Hee!)

Some folks enjoying the view of the Hudson, which is spectacular from Georgia's back yard.

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