Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yaddo Gardens and Other Stuff I Saw While My Kid Was at Six Flags

I brought Kathleen and three of her friends up to Lake George to Six Flags Great Escape yesterday. She had a great idea for me: Instead of me paying $40 to go into the park and park my butt somewhere to read for 9 hours, why didn't I just drop them off and go DO something?! Well, I thought that was a swell idea, so I dropped them off--two girls, two boys, all 15 yrs old (but NOT a double-date or anything like that!)--and I went cruising!

I had to go back down to Saratoga Springs to drop off some cushions and bedskirts for a customer, so while I was down there, I pulled into Yaddo Gardens, which I haven't visited in a few years.

There were koi fish in the large center fountain!
This picture was rather foggy, so I went with it, and put it behind this awesome glassy water texture. Cool, right?: are out of order....this pic is the view from my chair at Moreau Lake State Park, where I spent the majority of my day reading books and leafing through decor magazines. It was within 15 minutes or so of the park, in case the kids needed me, and it was cool and peaceful in the shade of the trees, with my water view:
There were lots of pretty things to take pictures of at Yaddo:
These girls were there for a photo shoot of some sort. They looked so cute in their little white dresses, I couldn't resist sneaking a shot:
This pergola was long and pretty!
...and I made it spooky with a texture from Shadowhouse Creations!
There were four of these statues at the perimeter of the rose garden:

This one was in the center of a quatrefoil shaped fountain at the beginning of the garden, and I played with three textures, and posted them all for you! Click to enlarge any of these can see the differences better that way:

That's it for today! I'm going to the movies in a few hours with my friends, and then hopefully out for a nice cool beverage and some girl talk afterwards. In the mean time, I've got sewing to do up in my sweatshop! ;) Have I ever shown my sweatshop to my bloggy buddies? I don't think so. Well, it's due for a big time makeover, so maybe I'll add that to my list for the summer/fall.

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Rose - The Center of My Self said...

What a great idea to take the day for yourself like this, Sharon. Instead of being in a state of "waiting," you were in a state of doing and being. Ahhhh ... sitting by the river reading ... I could get lost like that. Very sensual pursuit, all the senses engaged. The Yaddo Gardens look amazing. What a wonderful way to spend time in beauty and nature. Love the little girls; yes, cool effect on the koi. Absolutely love the statuary, especially the last one. What a great day!

Country Contemporary said...

Sharon!!! Yaddo!!! I have loved that place for years and years...since I was a teenager (so that makes it about 40 years)! I have some photos I took there that many - well maybe 30 - years ago, back when I was a bit of a camera and photography fiend myself. Your timing is perfect (and I'm a little slow to get here) since I've got a friend visiting from Kansas (originally from Hudson area) and we're heading up to Saratoga tomorrow and I had planned to take her to the rose garden at Yaddo if it's not pouring rain, as is forecast. Thanks for sharing your photos of one of my favorite places in the world.


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